just how to test a frozen fridge defrost timer

Use our step-by-step frozen fridge repair guide to learn just how to test your defrost timer. Once you have diagnosed the trouble we have the OEM replacement defrost timer the fits your appliance.

Before you start to test her defrost timer, make certain you disconnect the appliance"s strength supply. The easiest way to execute this is come unplug the unit indigenous the wall. Alternatively, you might trip the appropriate switch in the circuit breaker panel, or you might remove the appropriate fuse from her home"s fuse box.

Consult v an appliance fix technician if you carry out not feeling you have the ability or the capability to successfully finish this repair.

Locate her defrost timer. It deserve to be located behind the refrigerator"s reduced kickplate, in the refrigerator"s manage panel, or also behind the refrigerator on its back wall. Defrost timers virtually always have four metallic terminals prolonging from the bottom. As soon as you have uncovered your refrigerator"s defrost timer, eliminate it because that testing. A defrost timer is generally secured within a refrigerator through at least one screw, however sometimes more. Remove all the screws friend find and pull the timer carefully out the the refrigerator. Pull it out far sufficient so the you can disconnect the wires. Pull firmly ~ above the wire"s connectors to remove them. You might need to absent them ago and soon a small to lull the motion. Don"t worry around which way the connector comes out because there is only one means it have the right to go back in. Usage your multitester to test the timer for continuity. Collection your multitester come the R X 1 scale. Location one that the tester"s leads on the coommon terminal. It have to be labeled "3" or "C". If no one of the terminals space labeled, you can locate the typical terminal by determining which terminal coincides with the white wire in the connector plug. V one multitester lead (probe) touching the usual terminal, touch the other cause the various other three continuing to be terminals, one in ~ a time. Experimentation the very first pair should develop a reading of zero, or near zero, denoting continuity. The 2nd pair might also an outcome in a reading of zero or near zero. Testing the third pair of terminals should produce a analysis of infinity. Find your refrigerator"s timer switch and also turn that in a clockwise activity until the clicks. Use your multitester and test the terminals again in the exact same manner as in the coming before paragraph. In this test, one of the bag of terminals should develop a reading of continuity. At the very least one pair, but maybe two, should develop a analysis of infinity. One essential note to save in mind is that a pair that terminals the demonstrated continuity in the very first test must now show infinity. Likewise, a pair of terminals the demonstrated infinity in the an initial test have to now demonstrate continuity.

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If the test you conduct through your defrost timer walk not produce these results, climate you must replace the mechaninsm.

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