marker ID: GHM 143-11
County: Twiggs
Location: at the intersection of Jeffersonville-Bullard Road and Marion Road, Jeffersonville, GA
County: Twiggs
Style: complimentary Standing **
Coordinates: N 32° 39.717W 083° 26.233

geographic Centerof Georgia “Magnolia Plantation” to be the house of Dudley Mays Hughes, four times a member of conference from 1909 to 1917. He to be the co-author that the blacksmith ~ Hughes Vocational education and learning Bill which to be passed by conference Feb. 23, 1917. This Bill noted Federal help for vocational education and learning in agricultural, domestic, mechanical and also other lines for both youths and adults. Hughes was among the builders and a chairman of the Macon, Dublin and also Savannah Railroad. Throughout his job he was really active in cultivating the farming and sector of Georgia. One and also one tenth mile south-southeast indigenous this mite is the geographic center of the state. The facility is identified as the balance point of a airplane or thin sheet that a uniform thickness in the form of the area.The main point is one-quarter mile south-southeast of the Junction of Turvin and also Savage Creeks in Twiggs ar and around seventeen and one-half miles southeast that Macon. The Geologic survey Branch the the department of herbal Resources determined the main point to be at latitude 32° 38´ 46" N., longitude 83° 25´ 54" W.

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143-11 Georgia room of organic Resources1981

2. Geographic center of Georgia Marker feather northeast ~ above Jefferson-Bullard roadway at the intersection through Marion Road.

3. Geographic facility of Georgia Marker looking southwest ~ above Jefferson-Bullard roadway toward that intersection v Interstate 16.

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4. Geographic facility of Georgia Marker The mite stands surrounding to an additional marker for "Marion" (143-1) at the intersection with Marion Road.
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