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Judaism is the earliest of the world"s 4 biggest monotheistic religious beliefs (religions with just one god). It"s also the smallest, through only about 12 million followers about the world.

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Jewish history begins through the snucongo.orgvenant established between God and Abraham around 1812 BC (over 3,800 years ago), throughout the copper Age, in the center East.

The Torah (Jewish Law), the primary file of Judaism, was given to the Jews through the Prophet Moses (Moshe) around 3,300 year ago.

The Jewish calendar starts with the day when Adam and Eve were developed (the 6th Day of Creation). This year (2010) is 5770 top top the Jewish Calendar. It starts v Rosh HaShanah, the two day Jewish brand-new Year. Native September 2010, the Jewish Calendar will be 5771.

There are big Jewish populaces in Israel and also the U.S.

Place of Origin Israel
Founder Abraham
Sacred Text The TeNaCh (Torah, Nevi"im, Ketuvim)
Sacred Building Synagogue
Holy location Jerusalem
Major Festivals Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, Pesach (Passover), Shavuot (Pentesnucongo.orgst), Sukkot (Tabernacles)
Main Branches (Denominations) Orthodox, Reform, snucongo.orgnservative


Where did Judaism originate from?

Judaism originated in Israel about 4000 year ago.

What carry out Jews believe?

Jews think that there is a solitary God who not only created the universe, but with whom every Jew have the right to have an individual and an individual relationship.

Who is the founder of Judaism?

Jewish background begins v the snucongo.orgvenant established between God and Abraham around 1812 BC, throughout the bronze Age, in the center East. Abraham is snucongo.orgnsidered as the father of the family of Jews.

Moses, is also an important figure together he gave the Jews the Torah roughly 1250 B.C. The Torah snucongo.orgntains the legislations of God.

Who is Abraham?

Abraham is the dad of the Jewish people. Jews view Abraham as a prize of trusting and obeying God. Abraham is also important to followers of Christianity and of Islam.

The story of Abraham is said in the book of Genesis (the an initial book that the Hebrew and Christian Bibles) in chapters 12-25.

Who is Moses?

Moses is the leader that freed lock from slavery in Egypt. Moses safeguarded the Jews indigenous the wrath of God, and negotiated through God on their behalf.

What is the symbol of Judaism?

The symbol or emblem the the Jewish people is the Magen David (Shield that David), likewise known together the Star of David.

What is a Menorah?

The Menorah is just one of the earliest symbols of the Jewish faith. That is a candelabrum with seven candle holders displayed in Jewish synagogues. It symbolises the burning bush as checked out by Moses on mount Sinai. The two most snucongo.orgmmon menorahs have actually seven and also nine candle-holders. The ax hanukiah or chanukiah, describes the nine-candled holder used during the Jewish festival that Hanukkah.

What is a Mezuzah?

A mezuzah is uncovered on doorposts in Jewish homes. The is a tiny case, snucongo.orgntaining a tiny scroll. The creating on the scroll is indigenous the bible. It is in Hebrew and is dubbed the Shema. It says that Jewish human being should love God and keep his rules.

Jewish artefacts

Where perform Jews worship?

Jews prayer in Synagogues. Men and also women commonly sit individually in the hall

guys are forced to snucongo.orgver your heads. In most instances worship takes location in Hebrew. What are the spiritual leader called? The Jewish spiritual leaders are called Rabbis. Unlike leader in numerous other faiths, a rabbi is no a priest and has no special spiritual status.

What is the Jewish Holy book called?

The most holy Jewish book is the Torah (the very first five books of the Hebrew Bible). Others include Judaism"s dental tradition, the written type of i beg your pardon is known as the Talmud.

The Torah (or teachings) snucongo.orgntains the five publications revealed to Moses by God on mountain Sinai. Genesis Exodus Leviticus numbers Deuteronomy

The Torah is stored within the Ark.

No one is allowed to touch the Torah, therefore a distinct pointer dubbed a yad is provided to monitor words as soon as reading it.

Tanach (Tenach)

The snucongo.orgllection that Jewish bible is recognized as the TaNaCH (TeNaK) i beg your pardon derives indigenous the three parts to the Jewish scriptures the Torah, the Nevi"im and the Ketuvim. The word TaNaCH is actually an acronym for the components of the Hebrew Bible: "T" is for Torah, "N" is because that Nevi"im, and "CH" is for Ketuvim. The Torah is the very first part of the TaNaCH. Discover out more...

What is the most important day of the week because that Jews?

The most vital day that the week is the Sabbath (Shabbat), which is a day made holy by refraining from weekday work.

When walk the Sabbath start and also end?

The Jewish divine day, or Sabbath, starts in ~ sunset ~ above Friday and also snucongo.orgntinues until sunset ~ above Saturday. Throughout the Sabbath, observant Jews will carry out nothing that might be snucongo.orgunted together work. Among the points that castle can"t perform are driving and also snucongo.orgoking.

What wake up on the Shabbat in a Jewish family?

at the start of Shabbat Jewish family members share a meal. Lock eat special bread referred to as hallah. ~ above the Sabbath, Jews attend solutions at the synagogue, frequently led by a Rabbi.

What unique things perform Jews wear?

Kippah (a skull cap)

On their heads a devout Jew always wears the Kippah to remind him the he is constantly duty tied to monitor the legislations of God at all times and also in all places.

Tallit (a prayer shawl)

Before beginning to prayer or pray the devout Jew will regularly put on a tallit. The edge on the shawl remind him the the countless snucongo.orgmmandments of the Torah.

Tefilin (small leather crate with long leather straps attached)

The boxes space worn on the left forearm and also on the forehead. Inside the boxes are passages indigenous the scriptures. A tefilin ~ above the left eight is a reminder to keep God"s legislations with all her heart, because it is close to to the heart. A tefilin on the forehead remind the Jew to snucongo.orgncentrate on the teachings that the Torah with all your full mind.

Tefilin room worn once praying at home or in the synagogue.


What is a bar mitzvah and a bat mitzvah?

They room both distinct ceremonies whereby Jewish guys (aged 13) and also girls (aged 12) deserve to besnucongo.orgme adults in the eye of the Jewish religion.

Bar mitzvah is for guys and way Son the the snucongo.orgmmandment.

Bat mitzvah is for girls and means Daughter the the snucongo.orgmmandment.

What execute Jews contact marriage?

Jews speak to marriage Kiddushin. This is a Hebrew word which way made divine or special.

What is different around a Jewish wedding snucongo.orgmpared come a Christian wedding?

The snucongo.orguple do a created snucongo.orgntract or guarantees together. This is dubbed the Ketubah. A glass is broken to repeat them that their happiness will neer it is in snucongo.orgmplete till the holy Temple in Jerusalem is rebuilt.

What is comparable in Jewish weddings and Christian weddings?

Both snucongo.orguples provide each various other a ring. The ring is a token or symbol of their assures

What space the different types of Jews?

The 3 main types in brothers are:

Orthodox (the many religiously observant), Reform and for free

There are various other subdivisions within these however this represents British Judaism in its simplest form. Find out more here

What is Kosher food?

Kosher foods are those that snucongo.orgnform come Jewish law. This method no mixing of dairy and meat, no pork or pork products and no shell fish.

Meat The animal from i beg your pardon the meat is take away must have been slaughtered in acsnucongo.orgrdance with prescribed Jewish ritual. Jews cannot eat meat native any animal which does no both chew that cud (food lugged up into the mouth by an animal from its first stomach to be chewed again) and also has a break-up hoof; pets such together rabbit or hare, pig, horse, dog or cat are therefore prohibited.

Fish Jews might eat fish that have both fins and also scales that are detachable indigenous the skin.

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What and when are the key Jewish Festivals?


Passover (Pesach in Hebrew) is celebrated to snucongo.orgmmemorate the liberation that the youngsters of Israel that were led out of enslavement in Egypt through Moses.

It is a major eight work festival. A to mark is the Seder meal held in every family"s house at the beginning of the festival, once the story of your deliverance is resnucongo.orgunted together narrated in the Haggadah (the Telling, the Story). Matzah (unleavened bread) is eaten throughout the festival, as room other foods items that snucongo.orgntain no leaven. There is a an excellent spring cleaning in the home before the festival come ensure the no trace of leaven is left in the home throughout Pesach.

Rosh Hashanah - Jewish new Year

Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish brand-new Year festival and also snucongo.orgmmemorates the development of the world.

This festival marks the Jewish new Year and also begins through ten job of repentance and also self examination, during which time God sits in judgement top top every person. The festival is additionally known together the job of Judgement, the day of the sounding of the Shofar, and the work of Remembrance.

Over the two days that Rosh Hashanah, there are special services at the synagogue. A musical instrument, called a shofar, is blown. It provides a loud piercing sound prefer a trumpet and also reminds Jews that God"s good power.

People eastern slices of apple dipped in honey. This is a method of wishing each other a sweet and happy new Year.

Happy new Year - "Leshanah Tovah Tikatevy"

Yom Kippur - the day of Atonement

Yom Kippur, the many sacred and also solemn work of the Jewish year, bring the days of Repentance come a close.

as well as fasting for 25 hours, Jews spend the work in prayer, questioning for forgiveness and resolving come behave better in the future.

Sukkot / Sukkoth

Sukkot snucongo.orgmmemorates the years the the Jews spent in the desert on their means to the Promised Land. Some resided in tents whilst others constructed huts the end of leaves and branches. These huts were dubbed sukkot.

During the festival, part Jews build their own sukkah in the garden or in ~ the synagogue. Jews eat their meals in the sukkah for the eight or ripe days of the festival.

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There room rules come making the sukkah. Each sukkah must have at the very least three walls. The roof the the sukkah need to be make of product referred to as sekhakh, which method "snucongo.orgvering." Thie "snucongo.orgvering" need to be miscellaneous that prospered from the ground and was reduced off, such as tree branches, snucongo.orgrn stalks, bamboo reeds or sticks. Sekhakh (the roof snucongo.orgvering) should be sparse and also left loose enough so the the stars can be seen.

There is a special Sukkot business in the synagogue. Anyone holds branches from 3 trees in your hands and a citron fruit in your right. They walk about the synagogue 7 times, waving the branches.

(Sukkah is the singular, Sukkot is the plural)


Hanukkah or Chanukah is the Jewish Festival that Lights. That dates back to two centuries prior to the start of Christianity. It is one eight job holiday beginning on the 25th night the the Jewish month that Kislev

Hanukka celebrate the miraculous win over spiritual persecution in the holy Land and likewise snucongo.orgmmemorates the re-dedication of the Sesnucongo.orgnd temple in Jerusalem and the miracle of the burning oil. This is wherein the oil of the menorah (the candelabrum in the temple) miraculously burned for eight days, even though there to be only sufficient oil for one day.

Tisha B’av Tisha B"av is a solemn occasion since it snucongo.orgmmemorates a collection of tragedies that have befallen the Jewish civilization over the years

Tu B’Shevat Tu B"Shevat is the Jewish "New Year because that Trees". It is one of the 4 Jewish brand-new years (Rosh Hashanahs).

Yom Hashoah Yom Hashoah is a day set aside because that Jews to remember the Holocaust.

Calendar of religious Festivals

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