Billy and also his hounds have a celebrated reputation in the area close to his home. They capture much more raccoons than any other team that hunters. His grand proudly selling the hides in ~ his store. He additionally takes proud in boasting about Billy’s searching skills, in ~ times even exaggerating his successes. Billy patiently tolerates his grandfather’s embellishment that his searching adventures.

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One day, Billy bring away a bag the corn into town to have it ground right into meal because that his family. When he come at his grandfather’s store, his grand is too busy come grind the corn immediately. Together Billy waits for his grandfather to offer his customers, he sees 2 young boys approach. Rubin and Rainie Pritchard space mean-spirited bullies. Rubin is big and aggressive; Rainie is malicious and bad-tempered. The whole Pritchard family has a widespread reputation as unfriendly, lazy, and also corrupt. Rubin is two years older 보다 Billy is, and Rainie is close come his age. This day, lock order chewing tobacco. As soon as Billy’s grandfather objects to guys their period using tobacco, they to speak it is for your father. Then they chew it in prior of him.

Billy typically prevents the Pritchard boys due to the fact that they try to provoke him into fighting. Although the does not like them, his mother has actually instructed him to treat castle kindly. As soon as they method him, that dreads the comes confrontation. The Pritchard boys have actually heard around Billy’s hounds and also their specialization in trapping raccoons. The guys argue the the stories room too complicated to believe. They wager that their dogs can hunt far better than Billy’s. Billy laughs in ~ the just suggestion and tells them his grandfather can verify his successes. When Rainie questions his grandfather’s honesty, Billy is ready to fight.

Billy’s grand intercedes and asks the Pritchard boys what lock want. They define that they want to do a wager. Rubin stakes two dollars ~ above a bet that Billy’s...

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