You can"t buy lock anywhere, i believe, yet you have the right to findthem in item balls in the adhering to areas:

Elixir (restores 10 PP to all moves) - Pokemon Tower/PowerPlant/Six Island water path

Ether (restores 10 PP to one move) - path 2/S.S. Anne/CeladonCity/One Island Kindle Road

Max Elixer (restores every PP to all moves) - Berry Forest/SevenIsland Sevault Canyon/Cerulean Cave

Max Ether (restores all PP come one move) - rock Tunnel/RocketHideout/Berry woodland -- an useful Hint: get a Meowth or a Zigzagoonto choose them up because that you in those places. The (or She) will certainly pick theinvisible people as long as friend don"t make him hold something. Everytime you relocate a considerable amount of actions s/he should be holdingan item, so examine on your Meowth/Zigzagoon often :)

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