Irvine, CA — G.K. Skaggs is pleased come announce the states of California, Arizona and also Nevada will currently have accessibility to the Philippines original brand mountain Miguel Beer, reliable as of the very first of July. The growing consumer demand for mountain Miguel’s Beer brands has actually been lugged to the fist of the san Miguel Corporation, in i beg your pardon the brewery would prefer to expand its with in the united state market.

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San Miguel Corporation has granted exclusive importing legal rights to G.K. Skaggs as result of their effective longstanding partnership. San Miguel stated, “We space thrilled that G.K. Skaggs will currently be an to exclude, importer for san Miguel Beer throughout these new territories. We look front to the exponential growth of our brand as a result”. Currently, G.K. Skaggs imports and distributes san Miguel Beer come 20 of the us States consisting of the leading industry of Hawaii.

National Beer Sales Manager chris Kaesman, top the revival of the beer brand’s development expressed, “With san Miguel being the iconic beer brand the the Pacific, we room proud to it is in the authorized carriers to the Southwest. We have worked very hard ~ above this expansion which represents G.K. Skaggs’ commitment to supplying premium beverages ~ above a nationwide scale.”

G.K. Skaggs is functioning alongside the following distributors in stimulate to carry San Miguel Pale Pilsen, san Miguel Light, Red Horse and Cerveza Negra sku’s to vital on and off-premise accounts, also as major retail chain accounts throughout all profession channels.

G.K. Skaggs is currently seeking distributors to cover several territories in the Midwest and also North regions. To learn an ext information around San Miguel Beer in the US industry or to express attention in distributing mountain Miguel Beer in California, Nevada or Arizona, please contact Chris Kaesman in ~ chriskaesman Or speak to at 949-752-1500 ext. 102.

San Miguel Beer headquartered in south-east Asia, been has developing top top quality beers because that over 120 years. Mountain Miguel is the largest brewery in the Philippines and one the the world’s top beer producers. Mountain Miguel Light, mountain Miguel Red Horse, Cerveza Negra and also the standard San Miguel Pale Pilsen have recently been released in select regions that the joined States.

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G.K. Skaggs, Inc., founded in 1984, has end up being a nationally known “top 10 importer” in the US. Specializing in the sales, marketing and also distribution of Premium and Specialty Imported beers and also wines has actually a strong portfolio including commodities from Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Pacific Regions. G.K. Skaggs is a old member that the following industry organizations; NBWA, CBBD, PLMA, IBA and WSWA.