This Pokemon Ruby,Sapphire, and also Emerald TMs and HMs guide serves together a List that TMs and HMs in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and also Emerald. It contains information on each TM and HM"s number, name, type, use, power, accuracy, PP, and location.

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List of Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and also Emerald HMs

# Move: Type: Use: Power: Accuracy: PP: Location:
HM01CutCut trees outside of battle.5095%30Rustboro City
HM02FlyWarp to locations currently visited outside of battle.7095%15Route 119
HM03SurfTravel throughout water external of battle.95100%15Petalburg City
HM04StrengthMove boulders exterior of battle.80100%15Rusturf Tunnel
HM05FlashIlluminate caves outside of battle.--70%20Granite Cave
HM06Rock SmashSmashes rocks outside of battle.20100%15Mauville City
HM07WaterfallClimb Waterfalls exterior of battle.80100%15Cave of Origin
HM08DiveDive under water external of battle.60100%10Mossdeep

List the Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and also Emerald TMs

# Move: Type: Effect: Power: Accuracy: PP: Location:
TM01Focus PunchMove goes last, flinches if enemy lands a physics attack.150100%20Route 115
TM02Dragon Claw
Deals damage.80100%15Meteor Falls
TM03Water Pulse20% opportunity to cause Confusion.6095%20Sootopolis Gym
TM04Calm Mind+1 Sp. Attack and also Sp. Defense stats.----20Mossdeep Gym
TM05RoarSwitches out opponent"s Pokémon.--100%10Route 114
TM06ToxicIncreasingly poisons foe each use.--85%10Fiery Path
TM07HailDeals damage to non-ice types for 5 turns.----10Shoal Cave
TM08Bulk Up+1 Attack and Defense stats.----20Dewford Gym
TM09Bullet SeedDeals damage 2-5 times every use.10100%30Route 104
TM10Hidden PowerResults vary by Pokémon.--100%15Slateport/Fortree
TM11Sunny DayRaises Fire kind power because that 5 turns.----5Scorched Slab
TM12TauntForces enemy to use Physical moves.--100%20Trick House
TM13Ice Beam10% possibility of freeze foe.95100%10Muaville City/Abandoned Ship
TM14Blizzard10% opportunity of freezing foe.12070%5Lilycove room Store
TM15Hyper BeamDeals damage, can"t move following turn.15090%5Lilycove room Store
TM16Light Screen+Sp. Attack for 5 turns.----30Lilycove department Store
TM17ProtectProtects from attack, will certainly fail with extreme use.----10Lilycove room Store
TM18Rain DanceRaises Water kind power because that 5 turns.----5Abandoned Ship
TM19Giga DrainReplenishes 50% that dealt damage to user.60100%5Route 123
TM20SafeguardPrevents stats indigenous being decreased for 5 turns.----25Lilycove room Sote
TM21FrustrationPower is based upon Pokémon"s distaste towards trainer.--100%20Pacifidlog Town
TM22SolarbeamTakes a revolve to strength up, climate deals damage.80100%15Meteor Falls
TM23Iron Tail30% opportunity of -1 Defense stat to foe.10075%15Meteor Falls
TM24Thunderbolt10% opportunity of paralyzing foe.95100%15Mauville game Corner
TM25Thunder10% opportunity of paralyzing foe.12070%10Lilycove department Store
TM26EarthquakeDeals 2x damages if adversary used dig.100100%10Seafloor Cavern
TM27ReturnPower is based on Pokémon"s delight with user.--100%20Fallarbor Town/Pacifidlog Town
TM28DigAvoids foe"s attack first turn, deals damage second.60100%10Route 114
TM29Psychic10% possibility of -1 Defense stat of foe.90100%10Mauville City/Victory Road
TM30Shadow Ball
20% opportunity of -1 Defense stat the foe.75100%15Mt. Pyre
TM31Brick BreakDisables influence of Reflect and also Light Screen.75100%15Sootopolis City
TM32Double Team+1 Evasiveness stat the user.----15Mauville video game Corner
TM33ReflectRaises Defense stat because that 5 turns.----20Lilycove room Store
TM34Shock WaveAlways floor attack.60--20Mauville Gym
TM35Flamethrower1% chance of burn foe.95100%15Mauville video game Corner
TM36Sludge Bomb30% opportunity of Poisoning foe.90100%10Dewford Town
TM37SandstormStarts a Sandstorm because that 5 turns.----10Route 111
TM38Fire Blast10% possibility of burn foe.12085%5Lilycove department Store
TM39Rock Tomb-1 speed stat the foe.5080%10Rustboro Gym
TM40Aerial AceAttack constantly hits.60--20Foretree Gym
TM41TormentPrevents a enemy from utilizing a relocate 2x in a row.--100%15Slateport City
TM42FacadeDeals 2x damages if user is Burned, Paralyzed, or Poisoned.70100%20Petalburg Gym
TM43Aerial AceAttack always hits.60--20Foretree Gym
TM44RestSleep for 2 transforms to replenish health.----10Lilycove City
TM45AttractIf the opposite genders there"s a 50% chance foe can"t attack.--100%15Vendanturf Town
TM46TheifUser steals foe"s organize item.40100%10Slateport City
TM47Steel Wing10% chance of +1 Defense stat.7090%25Granite Cave
TM48Skill SwapUser and also foe switch abilities.--100%10Mt. Pyre
TM49SnatchSteals the foe"s standing affecting move.

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--100%10S.S Tidal
TM50Overheat-2 Sp. Attack stat that user.14090%5Lavaridge Gym

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