There might come a time once you must raise your Wrangler off the floor to view underneath or readjust a tire. If her Jeep come equipped with a preventive tire, the should likewise include a jacking kit.

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This article uses to the Jeep Wrangler JK (2007-Present).

The factory-equipped jack in your Jeep is a standard worry scissor jack. A scissor jack provides a screw to increase the arms on the jack. Unequal a hydraulic floor jack, a scissor jack is fully mechanically, eliminating the threat of jack failure because of fluid leaks. Scissor jacks space not nearly as fast or steady as a floor jack, yet take up little space and also work well during emergency repairs. Nevertheless of the kind of jack you"re using, right here is just how to for sure jack up her Jeep.


Materials NeededFactory mounted jack kitJack standsOwner"s Manual

Depending on your Wrangler"s trim level and additional options, the procedure to access your scissor jack might differ. Refer to your owner"s manual for added instructions or walk to

An optional base plate can be purchased virtual for included stability and increased jacking height. Make certain the base plate is rated for your Wrangler"s weight.

Step 1 – Park top top firm, level ground

Make sure the area you select to jack up your Wrangler is smooth and not inclined. A bumpy, soft, and also inclined surface will reason the jack come sink into the ground, or lean and cause the Jeep to fall.

If her jacking increase the prior wheels, communicate the emergency brake. When jacking increase the rear wheels, make certain the transmission is in park. Using wheel chocks provides included protection versus movement when the wheels room off the ground. Place the wheel chocks approximately the wheel that has the many weight on optimal of it.

Step 2 – eliminate scissor jack kit

The scissor jack kit will certainly be located in your behind storage compartment. Eliminate the cover (carpet or plastic) ~ above the tribe floorboard. Remove the scissor jack by pulling it come the right. Ar the jack, jack handle, jack handle extension, and also lug wrench in an accessible area.

Figure 1. The behind storage compartment cover.

Step 3 – find the factory jacking points

The Wrangler"s jacking point out are situated on the axle tubes. Facility the scissor jack under the axle tube corner closest come the wheel her trying to raise.

Figure 2. The jacking points under the axle tubes.

Step 4 – Jack up your Wrangler

Turn the jack screw clockwise through the hooked end of the jack handle driver. Usage the expansion for included leverage. The turning effort will increase once the jack"s maximum height is reached.

Placing a jack stand rated for your Wrangler"s weight beside the scissor jack on the axle tube is a great idea once crawling underneath.

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Figure 3. The scissor jack and also optional base plate.

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