The short article of apparel that is not traditionally worn in Colombia is peasant skirts.

In Colombia, timeless clothes are made with organic fabrics and also with bright colours. Depending on the region women usage diffirent type of dresses.

Something typical of Colombians is the unique colourful clothing that they use.

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Mcmillan shipping company has an equal chance employment policy. This policy has actually the full support that the​ company"s president, rosemary​ creighton, and also is contained in every advertisements for employee positions. Rental in the audit department is excellent by the​ controller, d. W.​ "butch" brigham. The assistant​ controller, jack​ merton, likewise interviews​ candidates, yet brigham makes all decisions. In the last​ year, the department rental 5 brand-new people from a pool of 175 applicants. Thirteen had actually been​ interviewed, including 4 minority candidates. The 5 hired contained three boy of​ brigham"s nearby friends and also no minorities. Merton had felt that at the very least two the the minority candidates were very well qualified and that the 3 sons of​ brigham"s friend were absolutely not amongst the many qualified. Once merton questioned brigham worrying his reservations about the hiring​ practices, he was told the these decisions were​ brigham"s and not​ his, therefore he need to not inquiry them. Needs 1. Explain why​ brigham"s hiring methods were most likely unethical. 2. What need to merton do about this​ situation?
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An artist gotten in into a written covenant to market a patron a partially finished painting when it to be complete. The patron later on learned that the artist plan to sell the painting to a 3rd party who readily available to salary the artist much more than the contract price. The patron filed fit to compel the artist to sell the painting to she in accord through the terms of their agreement, if the artist denied the the painting the artist plan to market to the third party was the topic of the covenant with the patron. In ~ trial, the patron walk not introduce the written agreement or define its absence. Rather, the patron sought come testify that, when she signed the agreement, the artist had actually pointed come the painting in question and stated the it was the patron’s painting. The artist’s lawyer objected to the testimony that the artist established the paint as belonging to the patron. Exactly how should the court rule? asustain the objection, since the artist’s statement to be hearsay. Bsustain the objection, because the patron fail to produce the written agreement or define its absence. Coverrule the objection, because the explain is not hearsay. Doverrule the objection, because the statement to be relevant.
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The civilization of mozambique and also zimbabwe would be most most likely to be influenced by a readjust in circulation of which of these rivers? a) congo b) niger c) nile d) zambezi
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Lyle is concerned about the difference in between a company"s earnings for the white workers and its colombian workers. In order come place financial pressure ~ above the company, what walk lyle have to do?