1) Chordate pharyngeal slits show up to have actually functioned an initial asA) the cradle system"s opening.B) suspension-feeding devices.C) contents of the jaw.D) gill slits because that respiration.E) parts of the within ear.

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2) i beg your pardon of the adhering to statements would be least acceptable to most zoologists?A) The extant lancelets room contemporaries, not ancestors, the vertebrates.B) The first fossils the same, similar thing lancelets showed up in the fossil record roughly 530 million years ago.C) Recent occupational in molecular systematics support the hypothesis that lancelets space the most recent typical ancestor of all vertebrates.D) The extant lancelets room the prompt ancestors the the fishes.E) Lancelets display screen the same an approach of swimming as perform fishes.
3) which extant chordates space postulated come be most like the faster chordates in appearance?A) lanceletsB) adult tunicatesC) amphibiansD) reptilesE) chondrichthyans
4) A brand-new species of aquatic chordate is found that closely resembles an old form. It has the adhering to characteristics: outside armor of bony plates, no paired lateral fins, and a suspension-feeding mode of nutrition. In addition to these, it will certainly probably have which that the complying with characteristics?A) legsB) no jawsC) an amniotic eggD) endothermy
5) How plenty of of the complying with statements around craniates is (are) correct?1. Craniates are more highly cephalized than room noncraniates.2. Craniates" genomic evolution consists of duplication of swarm of genes that code for warrior factors.3. The craniate clade is identified with the vertebrate clade.4. Pharyngeal slits that play essential roles in gas exchange originated in craniates.5. The two-chambered love originated through the at an early stage craniates.A) among theseB) 2 of theseC) three of theseD) 4 of theseE) five of these
6) What execute all craniates have that previously chordates did not have?A) brainB) vertebraeC) cartilaginous pipe surrounding notochordD) partial or finish skullE) bone
7) Lampreys different from hagfishes inA) doing not have jaws.B) having actually a cranium.C) having actually pharyngeal clefts that construct into pharyngeal slits.D) having actually a notochord transparent life.E) having a notochord the is surrounded by a tube of cartilage.
8) The feeding setting of the die out conodonts wasA) herbivory.B) suspension feeding.C) predation.D) filter feeding.E) absorptive feeding.
9) The earliest known mineralized frameworks in vertebrates are associated with which function?A) reproductionB) feedingC) locomotionD) defenseE) respiration
10) A team of researchers has arisen a poison that has proven effective versus lamprey larvae in freshwater cultures. The poison is ingested and also causes paralysis by detaching segmental muscle from the skeletal elements. The team wants to test the poison"s effectiveness in streams feeding Lake Michigan, yet one movie critic worries around potential impacts on lancelets, i m sorry are similar to lampreys in many ways. Why is this concern misplaced?A) A chemical poisonous to lampreys might not additionally be toxic to organisms as genealogical as lancelets.B) Lamprey larvae and lancelets have very different feeding mechanisms.C) Lancelets carry out not have segmental muscles.D) Lancelets live just in saltwater environments.E) Lancelets and lamprey larvae eat different kinds the food.
11) The lamprey species whose larvae live in freshwater streams, yet whose adult live most of their resides in seawater, are comparable in this respect to certain species ofA) chondrichthyans.B) actinopterygians.C) lungfishes.D) coelacanths.E) hagfishes.

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12) Jaws very first occurred in i m sorry extant team of fishes?A) lampreysB) chondrichthyansC) ray-finned fishesD) lungfishesE) placoderms
13) i beg your pardon of these can have to be observed in the usual ancestor that chondrichthyans and osteichthyans?A) a mineralized, bony skeletonB) operculaC) bony fin raysD) a spiral valve intestineE) a swim bladder
14) to which of the adhering to are the scales of chondrichthyans most carefully related in a structure sense?A) osteichthyan scalesB) reptilian scalesC) mammalian scalesD) bird scalesE) chondrichthyan teeth
15) i beg your pardon of this statements accurately describes a similarity in between sharks and also ray-finned fishes?A) The skin is typically covered by planarization bony scales.B) They space equally able to exchange gases v the setting while stationary.C) lock are extremely maneuverable because of their flexibility.D) They have actually a lateral line the is sensitive to transforms in water pressure.E) A swimming bladder helps regulate buoyancy.

Fundamentals the Biochemistry: Life at the molecular Level5th EditionCharlotte W. Pratt, Donald Voet, Judith G. Voet