If you’re in search of a means to combine ELA instruction right into your social research studies classroom, you’ve pertained to the ideal place. Our Mayan pyramids vs. Egyptian pyramids task encourages college student in grades 9 and up to compare these two synthetic wonders. So, what room some similarities and also differences between the Mayan and Egyptian pyramids?

The Mayan pyramids were constructed mostly in between the third and 9thcentury ad by the Maya, a Mesoamerican human being that arose roughly 1500 BC. This pyramids are located in east Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and also El Salvador and they vary in style and also design. Many of these structures space step pyramids—meaning your sides space not smooth but instead rise up in stages, like large stairs. Mayan pyramids may also feature one or more actual staircases constructed at the height of the steps. The building contractors of these spectacular structures used assorted materials, together as rock blocks held along with lime mortar. Part pyramids were spanned with plaster and painted.

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The Maya positioned these pyramids to note necessary points in the calendar, such as the solstice and also equinox. The pyramids likewise functioned as temples; only priests were enabled to rise to the peak of the stairs, whereby they performed spiritual rituals, consisting of sacrifices. Pyramids to be often component of huge complexes that contained palaces, round courts, plazas, and courtyards.

Like the Mayan pyramids, the Egyptian pyramids room striking structures that proceed to wow travelers, mathematicians, and also archeologists alike. The alignment that the good Pyramid that Giza proceeds to inspire wonder. The 4 sides the this framework align practically precisely v true north, south, east, and west. It’s speculated the the contractors used the stars to make their calculations.

Egyptian pyramids have been approximately for over 4,500 years! Laborers built the structures generally using solid limestone and also granite blocks. The biggest of the pyramids, the good Pyramid, was the tallest fabricated structure for more than 3,800 years (it’s taller 보다 the Statue the Liberty, St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, and huge Ben in London). The 3 pyramids at Giza are visible from space!

These impressive structures to be designed to be permanently sealed after the bodies of pharaohs were put inside. Unlike the Mayan pyramids, they had no other purpose than to serve as tombs.

Mayan Pyramids Vs Egyptian Pyramids Lesson arrangement Idea In line 1

Compare and Contrast Mayan and Egyptian Pyramids Essay

In this composing activity, your students will compare and also contrast the Mayan and also Egyptian pyramids! In a compare and also contrast essay, writers comment on the similarities and differences of two or much more subjects (i.e. Books, characters, theories, issues, and also events). In this essay, student will show similarities and also differences between the two species of pyramids.

Like other essay types, a compare and contrast essay is composed of an arrival (with a hook, background information, and a thesis statement), human body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Have your students monitor these 5 steps to compose their compare and also contrast essays:

1. Gather Details indigenous Sources

Your students should gather appropriate details from their sources. Together they’re analysis their sources, they have to write crucial details and also annotate by circling and underlining details that’ll come in handy as soon as they’re ready to compose their an initial draft.

2. Plan and also Prewrite

Students should have quite a couple of notes to begin planning and also prewriting their very first draft. First, they must decide on the an essential points of your essay and summarize them. These an essential points should present the similarities and also differences in between the pyramids.

To assist students plan their writing, they could use a Venn diagram. A Venn diagram is a great visual device for planning and consists of a collection of overlapping circles. One circle mirrors the characteristics of one subject, and the other circle shows the properties of the second subject. Finally, the overlapping section contains the attributes shared through both subjects.

After they summarize their vital points, students have to then build their topic. They have actually two choices when structuring the body paragraphs:

Point-by-point: The point-by-point text structure compares and contrasts both subjects, one allude at a time. Writers pick two or an ext points that comparison, and also each paragraph focuses on one point.Subject-by-subject (or block method):This text structure discusses all the points relating come the first subject prior to moving on to the second. Because that example, the first paragraph concentrates on topic A (i.e. Mayan pyramids) if the 2nd focuses on subject B (i.e. Egyptian pyramids).

Once students completely grasp the relationship in between their subjects, they’re all set to develop their thesis statement. The thesis statement should clearly state the 2 subjects. Remind students to consider their audience (for example, what need to readers learn around the 2 subjects); and, the thesis must come in ~ the finish of the introduction.

Finally, students have to finalize their writing plan. They should:

Prepare a hook to incorporate in the introduction. This hook could be a question, interesting detail, a bolder statement, or a quote.Identify what they will certainly be comparing and also contrasting and also draft their key idea.Finalize their message structure.Draft a conclusion that summarizes an essential points, restates the key idea, and also includes an insight that complies with from and also supports the main idea.

A graphics organizer could help students finalize your draft (you can find one on web page 12 that this handout).

3. Breeze Essay

Now, college student are all set to compose their an initial draft! their essays should include an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. They must use a formal and also objective tone and also transitional words and also phrases (such together “for example” and also “because”) to create flow.

4. Revise

Have her students revise your work. The adhering to questions will aid guide them:

Does the advent grab the audience’s attention?Is each point of comparison sustained by textual evidence, facts, and also concrete details?Are appropriate and varied transitions supplied to connect and also contrast ideas?Does the concluding section sum up an essential ideas? go it provide the audience something to think about?

After students make vital changes, have actually them exchange their essays with their classmates for peer review. Making use of the same questions each student provided when revising their work, classmates should determine the parts of the drafts that need reworking.

5. Edit

Finally, the last step is for students to edit their essays because that spelling, grammar, clarity, and also punctuation errors.

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By writing a compare and also contrast essay around the Mayan and also Egyptian pyramids, your students will have the opportunity to sharpen their writing skills in the social researches classroom. This downloadable PDF handout because that students goes much more in-depth top top this topic while providing crucial organizing, writing, and also editing tips.