Departmentalization is characterized as a procedure that groups tasks into various departments. These departments are created so that tasks have the right to be perform by expertise within the organization. Friend will uncover it in both private and public organizations.

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Departmentalize additionally refers to an organization’s formal framework that contains several departments and also positions and also their respective relationship with each other.

What is Departmentalization?

To achieve the usual goal of one organization, the firm combines groups under various departments. These have actually several employees who carry out a similar type of tasks for the betterment of your company.

 It teams individuals as per the functions and tasks they will certainly be performing in a solitary department. If you watch a that company ladder, friend will discover that all the levels that come under the top and all the subsequent ones have actually been departmentalized.

The departments room headed by senior executives that are additionally known as managers in some instances of your department. They are responsible because that delegating duties and tasks come the employee in their department.

The employees of every department space accountable to their department head for their performance.

5 missions of departmentalization


An organization motivates departmentalization to boost its efficiency and productivity. The components that are thought about to create perfect departments are as follows-

#1. Specialization

Specialization help the workers to end up being experts in their field so the it deserve to maximize efficiency. It is important to team employees and tasks in together a method that it can result in work-related specialization and thus ensure economic situation of operations.

#2. Control

Effective manage will help a agency to attain the goals of a agency inefficient and economic develop departments in such a means that timely action can be taken to ensure optimal performance.

#3. Co-ordination

Several tasks are in urgent require of coordination and should it is in grouped with each other in one department

#4. Suitable Attention

Proper fist is critical factor in developing departments. That ensures special attention to crucial areas and no duplication of any activities

#5. Human being Consideration

Departments must be produced after giving emphasis to human factor to consider like aspiration, attitude and cultural pattern of the employees

#6. Neighborhood Condition

Attention to local conditions and make adjustments as per the obtainable resources is important prior to creating crucial departments. The conditions of geographical locations vary native one to an additional hence be aware of local problems beforehand.

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#7. Economy

When you develop separate departments, it increases the cost of a company in terms of personnel, equipment, and added space. The number one priority the an company is to make use of its physical amenities to attain maximum economic climate while developing necessary departments.