a map is randomly selected from a deck that card. Discover the probability the it is a black card or a challenge card

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There are 52 cards in a deck in total.Of those 52 cards, there are four various suits (diamonds, hearts, clubs, spades).There room 13 cards in each of the various suits. Also, there space 3 face cards in every of the different suits (therefore, there are 12 confront cards in total).Diamonds and also Hearts room red cards (there space 26 full red cards) andClubs and also Spades space black cards (there room 26 total black cards).

There room 26 black color cards and also 12 face cards in total.However, the those 26 black color cards, there room 6 confront cards. That method there are26+12-6 = 32 cards in full that room either a black color card or a challenge card, however not both.That method the answer to the concern is 32/52 = 8/13.

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The answer is: