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You have the right to use bulleted or numbered perform to assist organize your text or show a sequential procedure in your PowerPoint presentation.

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On the View tab, in the Presentation Views group, click Normal.


On the left next of the PowerPoint window, click a on slide thumbnail that you want to include bulleted or numbered message to.


On the slide, pick the currently of message in a text placeholder or table that you desire to add bullets or numbering to.

On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click Bullets

or Numbering



To readjust all present of text, choose the outline of the message object, and also then apply the cartridge or numbering.

Change the color and also style the bullets, and understand the limitations

You can adjust the color, style, or size of the bullets or number in her PowerPoint presentation, and you can adjust the number you desire to start from.

To adjust one bullet or number, location the cursor at the start of the line the you want to change. To change multiple bullets or numbers, select the text in every one of the bullets or numbers that you want to change.

Click Home, click the arrow next to either the Bullets or Numbering button, and also then click Bullets and also Numbering.


Tip: To quickly readjust the layout of a bulleted or numbered list, simply click the format you want in the list that shows up when you click the arrow next come Bullets or Numbering.

In the Bullets and Numbering box, on either the Bulleted tab or the Numbered tab (depending on what kind of perform you’re working with), pick the style transforms that you desire to make, such as:

Bullet or number style


Size (to resize a cartridge or number for this reason it’s a details size in relationship to her text, click Size, and also enter a percentage)

Starting number (on the Numbered tab, enter the number you desire in the Start at box)

Pictures (to use a photo as a bullet, top top the Bulleted tab, click Picture, and also scroll to find a picture)

Symbols (to temporarily add a character from the symbol perform to the Bulleted tab, top top the Bulleted tab, click Customize, click a symbol, and also then click OK. Friend can apply the prize to your slides from the style lists)


To change the format of simply one or few of the cartridge or number styles in a list, such together the shade or size, place the cursor in ~ the begin of the line the you want to readjust before opening the Bullets and Numbering box. Your alters will apply only to the selected lines.

apply custom formats to lot of slides

The best means to use custom list formats to every slides in your presentation is to modify the on slide master. Any list customization you do to the slide grasp will it is in saved and also applied come all your slides. Friend can likewise edit or create one or more slide layouts that include your customized perform styles, and add these layouts to your presentation wherever you desire to usage your perform styles.

List limitations in PowerPoint

There room a few things friend can"t do with lists in PowerPoint that you deserve to in various other Office programs, such as Word. For example, PowerPoint does not snucongo.org:

Decimal numbered list (1.1, 1.2, and so on).

Defining new number layouts (you must pick from the default collection of styles available on the Numbered tab in the Bullets and also Numbering box).

Applying bold, italic, or underline formatting to bullets or numbers (any formatting will certainly be applied to the entire selected heat or list).

Nested list (you deserve to press Tab or click Increase list Level

to produce the same effect, but a brand-new indented cartridge or number layout is not set automatically through PowerPoint).

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