John Dalton found that atom is the the smallest one deserve to get, and also that all issue is composed of atoms. Fastened is a photo of just how his version looked like.

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The statement that accurately represents man Dalton’s version of the atom is


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Postulates of john Dalton’s atom model:

1. The matter contains indivisible particles. This particles are recognized as atoms.

2. Atoms have the right to neither be created nor be destroyed.

3. Atoms of the same facet show similarity in your shape and mass, but they are various from the aspects of the other elements.

4. Atom is the the smallest unit that participates in the chemistry reaction.

5. Atom of different aspects can form compounds through combining with each various other in a fixed, basic and entirety number ratios.

6. Atoms of the same element can type two or an ext compounds by combine in an ext than one ratio.

Advantages of john Dalton’s atomic model:

1. This theory defines the laws of chemistry combination.

2. It provides a clear difference between atoms and also molecules. Atom is the an essential particle that an facet whereas the molecule is the of a compound.

Limitations of man Dalton’s atom model:

1. That failed to define the further division of atoms right into subatomic particles.

2. The did no mention any kind of concept of isotopes (atoms the the same aspect with very same atomic number and also different massive numbers) and also isobars (atoms the different facets with exact same mass number yet different atomic numbers).

3. This concept failed to describe the reason for the presence of allotropes.

4. This theory is not applicable to facility organic molecules.

Dalton’s atomic design is also known together the billiard ball model. The assumed atom to be small solid spherical objects similar to the billiard balls. He dubbed these atoms as indivisible particles. However they have some mass because that the particular element.

So atom is a small solid ball with a predictable mass for the given element.

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