Enlarged liver describes swelling that the liver beyond its typical size. Hepatomegaly is another word to define this problem.

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If both the liver and spleen space enlarged, the is called hepatosplenomegaly.

The lower edge of the liver typically comes just to the reduced edge the the ribs ~ above the ideal side. The leaf of the liver is typically thin and also firm. It can not be felt through the fingertips below the sheet of the ribs, except when you take it a deep breath. It might be enlarged if a health treatment provider can feel it in this area.

The liver is connected in numerous of the body"s functions. That is affected by many conditions that can cause hepatomegaly, including:

Alcohol use (especially alcohol abuse)Glycogen storage diseaseHereditary furustos intoleranceInfectious mononucleosisLeukemiaPortal vein thrombosisSteatosis (fat in the liver indigenous metabolic troubles such as diabetes, obesity, and also high triglycerides, additionally called nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, or NASH)

This condition is most often detected by a provider. You might not be mindful of the liver or spleen swelling.

The provider will examine you and also ask concerns such as:

Did you notice fullness or a lump in the abdomen?What other symptoms do you have?Is there any yellowing that the skin (jaundice)?Is there any vomiting?Has her urine appeared to it is in darker than usual (brownish)?Have you had a fever?What drugs are girlfriend taking consisting of over-the-counter and herbal medicines?How much alcohol carry out you drink?

Tests to identify the reason of hepatomegaly vary, relying on the suspected cause, yet may include:

Abdominal x-ray

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