Black ball Ferry Line

Black round Ferry line operates the M.V. Coho passenger and vehicle ferry linking Victoria, B.C. On Vancouver Island v Port Angeles, WA top top the scenic Olympic Peninsula. That is the only daily, year-round vehicle and also passenger ferry service in between downtown Victoria, brothers Columbia and Washington State.

The 90-minute, 22.59 nautical mile (42 km) pilgrimage is a scenic journey v the Strait that Juan de Fuca. During the crossing, enjoy the ship"s plenty of amenities consisting of the cafeteria, gift shop, duty complimentary store, comfortable inner lounges, solarium and also pet-friendly areas.

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The company"s bureaucratic offices are located in Seattle, through terminals and operations personnel in ~ both Victoria"s within Harbour and also Port Angeles. Employing end 100 human being in height season, the familiar sight and also sound of the M.V. Coho has become a long-term fixture of the landscape in the an ar for end 60 years. In 2019, Black sphere Ferry Line celebrated its 60th anniversary of service as a an important tourism and transportation link in between Vancouver Island and the united States. Through decades of operation, Black round Ferry Line"s flagship has emerged an unparalleled document of reliability.

The M.V. Coho


Named after the magnificent silver salmon uncovered in the british Columbia and Washington State waters, the M.V. Coho is a vehicle and passenger ferry crossing the Strait the Juan de Fuca in between Victoria brothers Columbia"s within Harbour and also the city of port Angeles in Washington State.

In 1959, Black round Ferry Line"s co-founder R.J and Lois Acheson contracted Phillip F. Spaulding & Associates the Seattle to design M.V. Coho. She keel to be laid ~ above January 12th, 1959, at the Puget Sound bridge & dry Dock in Seattle. She make her an initial commercial sailing to Victoria ~ above December 29, 1959. In enhancement to servicing the port Angeles come Victoria vehicle and also passenger route, the M.V. Coho also carried freight trucks between Seattle, harbor Angeles, port Townsend and Victoria. This service ended in 1973, when the company decided to focus on the port Angeles come Victoria route.

Onboard the courage floor to ceiling windows, easily easily accessible outside decks, and the covered solarium provide passengers through stunning, close up views of the Olympic Peninsula and also the wildlife the live in and around the Strait that Juan de Fuca. Delivery amenities include a gift shop, featuring variety of unique gifts the reflect the significance of the west coast, and a cafeteria the serves a wide range of hot and also cold food and also beverage items, consisting of specialty sandwiches and soft offer ice cream.

Since commencing procedure in 1959, the M.V. Coho has actually transported much more than 26 million passengers, and also over 7 million vehicles.


M.V. Coho Specifications


Passenger capacity: 1,000Vehicle capacity: 115Weight: gun Tonnage 5,135Length: 341 feet / 104 metersWidth: 72 feet / 22 metersDraft:12.6 feet / 4 metersAverage sea speed:15 knotsPower: Two basic Motors EMD 5,100/12 cylinder dieselPropellers:Twin 8-foot stainless propellers through twin ruddersOther interesting facts:Initially, the M.V. Coho not just serviced the harbor Angeles come Victoria vehicle and passenger route, but also carried freight trucks between Seattle, harbor Angeles, harbor Townsend and also Victoria because that Black round Freight Service. Black sphere Freight service was offered to ROCOR international in 1973.The M.V. Coho was initially powered by two Cooper-Bessemer diesel engines rated at 2,080 BHP each. The Cooper-Bessemers were changed in 2004 v two basic Motors Electro-Motive division main propulsion engines rated at 2,550 BHP each.In addition to the engine refit, the Coho has actually undergone countless improvements over the years, including additional seating, enlargement that the coffee shop, installation of a solarium, and also a sewer treatment plant.



In 1818 Captain Charles H. Marshall founded the Black ball Line, the first scheduled transatlantic passenger service, employing a fleet the clipper ships, one of which was commanded by the founder"s brothers Captain Alexander Marshall. This company operated because that over 60 years between new York and also Liverpool flying the home flag, which contained a black color ball focused on a red background.



Charles Peabody, nephew of among the founders, move west to harbor Townsend, WA and starts the Alaska steamer Company, bringing v him a variant of the Black ball flag.



One hundred and ten year later, Captain Alexander Marshall"s good grandson Captain Alexander Marshall Peabody determined the exact same flag for his fleet, the Puget Sound navigation Company, which activate ferries on Puget Sound under the profession name Black sphere Line. Black sphere Line was at once the nation"s largest privately own ferry system. Captain Peabody retained 5 vessels, one destroyer escort, the rights to the Seattle-Victoria route and also terminals in Seattle, port Angeles and Victoria.



Robert Acheson purchase Black sphere Freight services from the company, eventually introducing Black sphere Transport and also a brand-new variant the the flag through a white circle the is still in use today.



In 1951, using these legacy he arranged Black sphere Ferries, Ltd. A Canadian company, which operated till the sale of many of its assets come the british Columbia federal government in 1961. Black ball Ferry line can additionally trace its origins to the Black ball Line, though in somewhat less direct fashion. Our founder, R.J. Acheson, started his job in transport at the age of 11 in medication Hat, Alberta v the Canadian Pacific Railway together a callboy, eventually coming to be a dispatcher. In 1924, he made decision to move to Seattle. He very first worked as a freight checker because that the Nelson Steamship agency and later became general manger. In 1932 he became traffic manager because that Black ball Line. In 1936 the purchased Black sphere Freight Service, which had actually been a subsidiary the Black ball Line. By 1951, Mr. Acheson"s operation consisted of 200 trucks and also trailers and employed 125 people.



In 1952, Mr. Acheson and also his mam Lois organized a new subsidiary the Black sphere Freight Service, specify name it Black ball Transport, Inc. Mr. Acheson asked for from Captain Peabody permission to combine a new version that the famed Black sphere flag for his new company. The new flag was an extremely much like the old, through the addition of a thin white circle roughly the black color ball. To this day, we proudly fly the exact same flag. In the first couple of years of its existence, Black ball Transport, Inc. Operated the IROQUOIS, a steamer Mr. Acheson purchased native Black round Line and also converted to a engine freighter. The IROQUOIS ran the overnight freight run year-round between Seattle, port Townsend and Port Angeles. From 1959 come 1969, she ran in the summer only.



In 1959, Black round Transport, Inc. Built an auto and also passenger ferry, specify name it the M.V. Coho, after ~ the magnificent silver salmon found in Puget Sound and surrounding waters. Philip F. Spaulding & Associates that Seattle draft the vessel, and her keel to be laid January 12, 1959 in ~ the Puget Sound leg & dry Dock in Seattle. She made her first commercial cruising to Victoria, B.C. On December 29, 1959. Initially, the M.V. Coho not only serviced the port Angeles come Victoria vehicle and also passenger route, but also carried freight trucks between Seattle, harbor Angeles, harbor Townsend and Victoria for Black ball Freight Service. In 1973, Black sphere Freight service was sold to ROCOR International, but Black round Transport, Inc. Has ongoing to operate the M.V. Coho on the harbor Angeles come Victoria vehicle and also passenger path to this day.



After introducing business in 1951 as Black round Ferries Ltd, Peabody sell his Canadian vessels and also operations to the province of british Columbia, completely them right into what is now the BC Ferries corporation.



Black ball Transport is left come Oregon State University foundation in trust after Lois Acheson"s passing as component of a $21 million gift to endow the Lois Bates Acheson university of vet Medicine.



In 2008, Black round Transport Inc. Got a brand-new operational name “Black round Ferry Line.” our ship, the M.V. Coho is 341.6 feet long, has actually a breadth the 72 feet, a draft of 12.6 feet, twin 8-foot stainless propellers and twin rudders. She has actually a auto clearance that 14 feet, and also a moving capacity of 110 vehicles and 1,000 passengers.

The M.V. Coho was initially powered by two Cooper-Bessemer diesel engines rated in ~ 2,080 BHP each. The Cooper-Bessemers were replaced in 2004 v two general Motors Electro-Motive division Main Propulsion Engines rated at 2,550 BHP each.

In addition to the engine refit, the M.V. Coho has undergone numerous improvements end the years, including extr seating, enlargement of the Coffee Shop, surroundings of a solarium, and also a sewage treatment plant.

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Black sphere Ferry Line was purchased from Oregon State University structure by its current management team.



We storage 200 years of the Black sphere flag in maritime operation!



On December 29, 2019, we celebrated 60 years of reliable service, v over 100,000 sailings, 26 million passengers and also 7 million vehicles served.

If ships had actually memories, the MV COHO would have quite a life story to tell! COHO has seen she share that celebrity passengers, inexplicable vehicles (from the rolls Royce society to Deuce Coupes to massive commercial trucks), whale sightings, and even a wedding or two. So plenty of happy memories have been do onboard!

From every one of us in ~ Black sphere Ferry Line, give thanks to you for her support, and also we look front to offer you for countless years come come!