What is climate? a. None of the various other answer choicesb. Long-term weather trends in a specific location over plenty of yearsc. Rapidly changing and predictable patterns of temperature and precipitation worldwided. Short-term alters in atmospheric conditions in a certain location

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How space climate and weather different?a. None of the various other answer choicesb. Climate is global and weather is regional. C. Weather is day-to-day atmospheric conditions and also climate refers to average conditions over lengthy periods.d. Climate identify what organisms live in a specific area and also weather go not.
C.Weather is day-to-day atmospheric conditions and climate describes average conditions over long periods.
Warm surface ar currents in the ocean move down the east shore of southern Africa if cold surface currents move up the west coast. What impact does that have actually on the climate of southern Africa?a. Southerly Africa is influenced by both currents causing moderate temperature on both coasts.b. The east shore of southerly Africa has actually a cooler climate.c. The west shore of southern Africa has a cooler climate.d. Nobody of the other answer choices
What space the main determinants that identify climate?a. Solar energy, latitude, and elevationb. Solar energy, distance from water, and the transport of water by winds and ocean currentsc. Cloudiness, precipitation, latitude, and humidityd. Solar energy, latitude, and the transport of heat and moisture by winds and ocean currents
What would certainly likely occur to worldwide climate if there to be a dramatic diminish in the greenhouse gases trapped in the atmosphere?a. Planet would become warmer.b. Temperatures on earth would stabilize.c. Earth would become cooler.d. There would be no result on worldwide climate, only local weather conditions.




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