Modern creates of written communication — emails and also text message — have got rid of the need for handwritten notes and letters.

Technology might save time and effort in communicating much more clearly, but it cannot replace the human need because that beauty.

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Calligraphy is one such kind of beauty: the beauty beauty in writing.

But what is calligraphy? How can we specify calligraphy? and is it the exact same as decorative writing or lettering?

What adheres to is a primer in calligraphy. We will learn about calligraphy in information through definitions and also examples.

So let’s acquire started.


What is Calligraphy (Definition)?

So what perform we average by calligraphy?

The word ‘calligraphy’ is a mix of 2 Greek words: kallos (beauty) and graphein (to write). So, in various other words, we deserve to say that calligraphy refers to writing in aesthetically pleasing forms.

It is a intuitive art type that focuses on manipulating symbols and also letters to develop beautiful writing.

According to Claude Mediaville, calligraphy is the “art the giving type to signs in an expressive, harmonious, and skillful manner.” —

(Source: Calligraphy: from Calligraphy to abstract Painting.)

What is the purpose of Calligraphy?

As I discussed in the previous section, calligraphy is a visual art form. Its purpose is the very same as any kind of other art form, i.e. To evoke an imaginative reaction in the viewer.

The objective of calligraphy is to “show integrity, harmony, some sort of ancestry, rhythm and an imaginative fire.”

Calligraphy is no like ordinary writing meant for ordinary communication. Calligraphy is arts in the feeling that its objective is to produce aesthetic writing.

The emphasis, therefore, is not on readability or even communication yet finding the ideal pen activity or brush strokes to express one’s creative creativity.

Calligraphy has additionally played a far-ranging role in the breakthrough of the written language throughout the world.


Why is it called Calligraphy?

Calligraphy literally means beautiful handwriting or elegant penmanship. That emphasizes the writing procedure and no the decorative aspects. Calligraphy achieves its beauty with elegant letterforms.

The Greeks coined the term calligraphy first, which meant beautiful writing in their language, and also that is exactly how it came to be known together calligraphy.


How did Calligraphy Originate?

The origination the calligraphy is debated among paleographers and historians. However, it is thought that calligraphy originated among the Phoenicians in roughly 1200 BC.

After that, it is believed to have been taken increase by the Greeks who passed the on come the Romans.

The Romans were the ones that really advanced calligraphy right into an obtainable art type leading to its adoption by the wider Roman community.

Another concept singles out the Shang empire of China as its originator. The Chinese have a unique style in calligraphy where, rather of letters, they usage symbols and also characters.


What are the key Types/Styles of Calligraphy?

There room numerous varieties in calligraphy, but all these variations or hands broadly fall right into these three key styles:

1. Western Calligraphy

Based top top the Latin text, west calligraphy is widely provided in the Western civilization on cards, invitations, engravings on certificates, et cetera.

Western calligraphy is among the most advanced forms the calligraphies spanning numerous sub-styles.

2. Eastern Calligraphy

The eastern calligraphy is mostly used in east Asia, generally in China, Japan, and also Korea.

The eastern calligraphy has a meditative facet to it. The letters are written v a more comprehensive and longer brush requiring much more movement 보다 in other creates of calligraphy.

3. Islamic Calligraphy

Islamic calligraphy is associated chiefly with Islamic spirituality. It is also sometimes dubbed Arabic calligraphy — because the scribes write in Arabic letters — however this geographical or ethnic specification is not true because many Islamic calligraphers no Arab.

Islamic calligraphy is additionally a geometrical and artistic expression the the beauty, beauty of God. This kind of calligraphy deserve to be uncovered in Islamic architecture as well.

What is the Difference between Lettering and also Calligraphy?

People regularly confuse lettering with calligraphy. Calligraphy is well-known by countless names, however lettering is a specific way of illustration letters that might or may not be related to writing the end the words in ~ all.

Lettering is focused on the decorative elements of drawing out every letter and also how that lends to the aesthetics the the all at once composition. In the way, it is lot like illustration or drawing.

On the various other hand, as formerly mentioned, Calligraphy is focused on the actual arts of beautiful handwriting.

Individual strokes in calligraphy combine to type letters and words, yet the objective is to create letters.

The idea, therefore, is not illustration out the letter or decorating them with colors and shapes yet writing in a creative way the is also aesthetically pleasing.

Aesthetics space equally vital in both arts forms, yet the process of achieving the is different.

Final Remarks

Handwriting may have actually lost the prestige due to the ubiquity the technology. However, calligraphy has actually survived the onslaught of an innovation by eking out extremely niche domain names for itself in arts and design.

Calligraphy encapsulates in ~ it the story that the composed word. Put simply; that is the arts of beautiful handwriting that provides expression to our inner creativity.

Nate Torres

Nate Joaquin Torres is an entrepreneur and also growth marketer. Nate enjoys finding out about brand-new digital marketing strategy and brand-new ways come think creatively. Nate is likewise the founder that, DEEP IN THE MIX, and also Blue Hour Candle. Attach with the on Instagram.

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