I"ve never been a significant hardware guy, therefore I gained this question. What"s the component the consumes the many in a computer? And more generally, just how is spread (more or less) the consumption among different contents (processor, MB, RAM, disks, graphics card, WiFi) ?



Usually it"s the video card and also CPU - in that order as far as max consumption goes.

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A main point i7 920 is spec"d because that a max draw of 130W

An ATI HD4870 is spec"d because that 225W max draw.

In fact both consume considerably less power, yet the video card still spend more.

Extreme strength Supply Calculator is a great tool for acquiring average paint, etc of contents in systems.


It counts on the type of device you space looking at;

In a small netbook the key power attract is likley to it is in the display screen or hard drive together they have really low powered CPUs and also integrated graphics.

In a huge gaming PC main power draw is walk to be the graphics cards and also the CPU and in compare the HDD and RAM would have relatively low power consumption.

Things that will never draw a many power are things like wi-fi cards, bluetooth, USB peripherals and also integrated speakers.

Also it depends on what sort of job the computer is doing, when most contents are idle castle use much less power. If you room gaming, many of the contents in the computer will it is in running complete power. However if friend are just re-encoding a video, it will be mainly the CPU act the work and most other contents will be idle therfore using little power, so the CPU would certainly be the many power hungry.

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