For decades, welcome refugees joined Republicans and also Democrats. In fact, Republican presidents have collection some of the highest refugee admission ceilings in American history. Learn around some that the U.S. Presidents who have actually stood with refugees fleeing from war and persecution.

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Which U.S. President helped produce a regime that resettled roughly 300,000 refugees after ~ the Vietnam War?
In 1975, Gerald Ford, a Republican, propelled through the Indochina Migration and also Refugee help Act to help Southeast oriental refugees that were displaced after ~ the Vietnam War and also feared reprisals by the Communist Party.

The regimen resettled roughly 300,000 refugees native Vietnam, Cambodia and other countries between 1975 and also 1979. Resettled refugees were sponsored by churches and also volunteer families. These sponsors detailed food, clothing and shelter.


5 U.S. Presidents who stood through refugees

During a news conference on may 5, 1975, Ford handle the prevalent opposition that resettling refugees in the U.S.:

“I to be primarily an extremely upset because the United states has had a long legacy of opening its doors to immigrant of all countries…”

Ford was quoted more by city council Hugh Scott, the Senate minority leader indigenous Pennsylvania: “It just burns me up, these great humanitarians. They simply want to turn their backs. We didn"t perform it come the Hungarians, us didn"t execute it to the Cubans and, cursed it, we"re no going to do it now.”

Which president’s grandson claimed “my grand never would have actually been president” had actually America ban his family?
George W. Shrub John F. Kennedy Richard Nixon Ronald Reagan

John F. Kennedy’s grandson, Jack Schlossberg wrote in a Time op-ed the if the Kennedys had actually been barred indigenous entering America ~ fleeing Ireland throughout the famine, “my grand never would have been president.”

In 1961, Kennedy, a Democrat, composed a letter urging the government to pass legislation appropriating more financial assistance to refugees. He did not want to abandon America’s lengthy humanitarian heritage of helping those who are required to flee to maintain their stays “as individual, self-sufficient human beings in freedom, self-respect, dignity, and also health.”

Which U.S. Chairman signed today’s refugees resettlement program right into law?
Jimmy CarterRonald ReaganGerald FordJohn F. Kennedy
Jimmy Carter, a Democrat, signed right into law the refugees Act that 1980, developing the modern-day refugee resettlement program. It relocated from an advertisement hoc technique to a permanent and also systematic procedure for vetting, admitting and resettling refugees.

Under Carter, the 1980 refugees Act likewise created a process for reviewing and also adjusting the variety of refugees allowed to go into the U.S. To satisfy emergencies and required annual discussion in between Congress and the president. Because then, the average annual admissions ceiling has actually been almost 95,000 refugees.

In a 1980 speech, Carter declared America “a country of refugees," and also said the it would proceed to “provide an open up heart and open arms" to those fleeing Cuba and also seek additional assistance from conference to care for those in need.

Which U.S. Chairman vowed to “continue America’s tradition as a land the welcomes peoples from other countries?”
Ronald ReaganBarack ObamaBill ClintonGeorge W. Bush

Ronald Reagan, a Republican, said this throughout an immigration speech in 1981. Reagan take it a welcoming stance toward refugees. “We candlestick also, with various other countries, proceed to share in the duty of welcoming and resettling those who flee oppression,” that said.

During his presidency, Reagan was faced with a variety of refugee crises. Nearly 125,000 Cuban refugees were getting here to the U.S., thousands of civilization were fleeing the Khmer Rouge genocides in Cambodia, and also there to be still countless Indochinese refugees after the autumn of Saigon in 1975. Reagan knew the immigration and also refugee plan was crucial part the America’s past and basic to its national interest.

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The joined States has long accepted refugees fleeing persecution or war, from taking in hundreds of countless Europeans displaced by civilization War II to welcoming world escaping native brutal conflict in Syria. After 4 years that record-low arrivals under the trumped Administration, chairman Joe Biden has actually an chance to rebuild the bipartisan legacy of welcome refugees and has already begun the process. 

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President Biden is currently making an excellent on his meeting to go back to America’s tradition of welcome. In that is first couple of weeks, the new administration has already rescinded the Muslim Ban, finished two harmful policies that closeup of the door the U.S. To asylum seekers, taken steps to rebuild the refugee resettlement program, and also more. 

Join the IRC as we say thanks to the White residence for the urgency through which they space restoring and strengthening America’s humanitarian programs. While over there is still a most work come do, we have actually much to celebrate already. 

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The IRC has much more than 20 offices across the U.S. That support newly arrived refugees by providing immediate aid, including food, housing, and medical attention. Learn an ext about our work.

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While there is still a many work come do, we have much to celebrate as the Biden management rebuilds America"s heritage of welcome.
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