Cellular Respiration

Which worrying the metabolic deterioration of glucose (C6H12O6) to carbon dioxide (CO2) and also water is true? e. A, B, and also C are correct.
Which procedure in eukaryotic bio cells will certainly proceed generally whether oxygen (O2) is existing or absent? glycolysis
d. The end products of glycolysis space CO2 and H2O.----True or False? false
2 ATP----> 2 ADP requires an exergonic or endergonic reaction? endergonic
Substrate-level phosphorylation accounts for around what portion of the ATP formed during glycolysis? 100%
During glycolysis, when glucose is catabolized to pyruvate, most of the power of glucose is retained in the pyruvate
Starting with one molecule that glucose, the "net" assets of glycolysis are?? 2 NADH, 2 H+, 2 pyruvate, 2 ATP, and also 2 H2O.

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Glycolysis and fermentation take place in the __________ that the cell. cytosol
Which metabolic pathway is typical to both cellular respiration and also fermentation? glycolysis
How countless molecules of carbon dioxide (CO2) would certainly be produced by five turns of the citric mountain cycle? 10
How plenty of reduced dinucleotides would certainly be developed with four turns of the citric acid cycle? 4 FADH2 and also 12 NADH
Cellular respiration harvests the many chemical energy from _____________ ___________? chemiosmotic phosphorylation
Inside an active mitochondrion, most electrons monitor which pathway? citric acid cycle --> NADH ---> electron move chain--- > oxygen
During oxidative phosphorylation, H2O is formed. Wherein does the oxygen because that the synthetic of the water come from? molecular oxygen(02)
Which metabolic process is many closely associated with intracellular membranes? oxidative phosphorylation
When hydrogen ions are pumped indigenous the mitochondrial matrix throughout the inside membrane and into the intermembrane space, the result is the creation the a proton gradient
Each time a molecule the glucose (C6H12O6) is fully oxidized via aerobic respiration, how plenty of oxygen molecule (O2).

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Phosphofructokinase is one allosteric enzyme the catalyzes the switch of fructose-6-phosphate come fructose-1,6-bisphosphate, very early step that glycolysis. In the presence of oxygen, an increase in the quantity ATP in a cell would certainly be supposed to inhibit the enzyme and also thus slow-moving the rates of glycolysis and the citric mountain cycle.