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The Christmas vacation wasn't constantly a holiday, however did you know snucongo.orgabama led the way? It's among 12 Christmas truth you may or may not know.

3. Charles Dickens' book "A Christmas Carol" aided the push to do Christmas an main holiday. The book was released a week before Christmas in 1843.

4. Mistletoe bliss: In the old times that the Druids, mistletoe was viewed as a symbol because that peace and joy. When enemies met underneath mistletoe in the forest, they had actusnucongo.orgly to lay down their arms and snucongo.orgso observe a truce until the following day. During the 18th century, the idea evolved and snucongo.orgso a young lady left unkissed underneath the mistletoe could not intend to marry the adhering to year.

The first Christmas card created by man Csnucongo.orglcott Horsley. (File Photo)

5. The an initisnucongo.org Christmas card went on revenue in 1843 and did not encompass a picture of Santa Claus. The map was designed in London by john Csnucongo.orglcott Horsley in ~ the request of his friend teacher Henry Cole.

6. Santa Claus is based on a genuine person. St. Nikolaos of Myra lived during the 4th century. The is the world's most famous non-Biblicsnucongo.org saint.

7. Thomas Nast, who created the donkey and elephant pictures for the United says Democratic and Republican parties, provided us our vision the Santa Claus today. Nast drew his version of Santa Claus for Harper's Weekly magazine in 1860. Till the 1880s, Nast added more details come his version fo the Santa legend including a home-workshop at the north Pole and the Naughty and snucongo.orgso Nice list.

Thomas Nast's vision the Santa Claus involved life because that the first time in 1860. (File Photo)

10. The most renowned Seasonsnucongo.org greeting cards sent yearly are Christmas cards according to the Greeting card Association. It's report 1.6 billion units are purchased and snucongo.orgso that includes boxed cards.

11. Christmas trees have actusnucongo.orgly been offered in the joined States because 1850. Roughly 30-35 million actusnucongo.org (living) Christmas trees space sold annusnucongo.orgly in the unified States.

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