A) False. Magnetic field lines space close with each other in regions of an are where the magnitude of the magnetic field is strong, and they room farther personally in areas where the is weak. Because that example, close come the pole that a magnet the ar lines are close together and the field is strong.

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B) False. The direction the the magnetic pressure on a fee is perpendicular come the direction the magnetic field lines.


Which the the following statements space true because that magnetic ar lines? check all the apply.

A) Magnetic ar lines room close with each other in regions of space where the magnitude of the magnetic ar is weak, and they are farther apart in regions where that is strong.

B) Magnetic ar lines suggest in the direction that the magnetic force acting ~ above a charge.

C) Magnetic field lines deserve to never intersect.

D) Magnetic field lines type closed loops. Lock don"t "begin" or "end" top top charges.

E) in ~ every point in space, the magnetic field vector in ~ that allude is tangent to the magnetic field line v that point.

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