To insert a new row, pick the row or a cell in the row __________ the one where you desire the new row come display
Newly placed columns are placed to the __________ that the selected cell or column.

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A row heading is identified through which of the following?number
A column heading is identified whereby of the following?letter
To delete a row, select the heat heading ~ above the home tab in the cell group, click the __________ button arrow, and select Delete sheet Rows.delete
In stimulate to adjust height and also width setups of cells, click the __________ regulates in the cells team on the residence tab.Format
You deserve to manually resize rows or columns by dragging the boundary, i beg your pardon is the __________ in between rows and also columns.line
In order to let Excel automatically adjust the broad to right the contents, what deserve to you use on the border line between rows or columns?double-click
Select the column, __________ the selection, and select tower Width from the shortcut menu to access the shaft width dialog box.right-click
What is the default heat height?15
What is the default shaft width?8.43
Which the the following ideal describes the definition of row height?top-to-bottom measure of a row
Which the the following ideal describes the an interpretation of shaft width?left-to-right measure up of a column
In stimulate to conveniently AutoFit the entries in every rows on a worksheet, __________ among the row limits after clicking the select All icon in the upper left corner of her worksheet.double-click
Use the __________ to copy the broad of one pillar to various other columns.Format Painter
__________ is the empty area of a spreadsheet, in i m sorry no content displays.White space
Click the __________ to apply formatting to the whole row.row heading
When you great to mitigate the visibility of undesirable rows or columns in a spreadsheet, what choice from the shortcut menu have the right to you use?Hide
What line color indicates concealed content ~ above a spreadsheet?green
In order to unhide columns or rows, select the covert row or shaft header on the __________ tab, click the Format button arrow, suggest to Hide & Unhide, and select the Unhide option.Home
In order to unhide information, i m sorry line(s) in the heat or column heading do you double-click?double lines
Use the __________ command to make sensitive or extraneous data invisible.Hide
Which of the complying with is supplied to adjust the orientation of row or tower data in Excel?Transpose
The Transpose command is found in the Paste one-of-a-kind dialog box in the Clipboard team on i beg your pardon tab?Home
Colors, fonts, and effects are accessible when working through __________.document themes
In bespeak to quickly format your worksheet, select any kind of cell within the energetic worksheet and choose a preferred theme on which tab?Page Layout
Effects within the theme group incorporate which the the following?shadows & bevels
Document themes are offered to use sets of styles to a/an __________.entire document
In order come return all template color facets to their original colors, which button in the Create new Theme colors dialog box do you click?Reset
You can develop your own customized layout by an altering which that the following?colors, effects, & fonts
Which of the following applies to the usage of customized themes?They are accessible in every Office 2013 documents.
Use __________ in the Themes team to boost charts, shapes, SmartArt, or similar graphics.Effects
__________ are lines the display about worksheet cells.Gridlines
Which the the following aspects are presented by default however do not print automatically?row headings, obelisk headings & Gridlines
To remove a background image, click Delete lift in the page Setup team on i beg your pardon tab?Page Layout
In order to ensure that gridlines display screen in the published worksheet, pick the print checkbox in the Sheet alternatives group on i m sorry tab?Page Layout
__________ enables you to view what your paper will look at like prior to sending it to the printer.Print Preview
Click the __________ in the Sheet alternatives group to open the page Setup dialog box.Dialog crate launcher
A __________ is message that screens at the peak of each published worksheet.header
__________ room lines of message that display screen at the bottom of each printed page.Footers
To preview a header and/or a footer before printing, use publish Preview and __________ view.Page Layout
In bespeak to add a header or footer to your worksheet, girlfriend click the Header & Footer button on the Insert tab in i m sorry groupText
Which tab is a contextual tab which displays added Header & Footer formatting options?Design
In bespeak to conserve time, you can use among the predefined headers and footers discovered on which tab?Data
A __________ is message or a snapshot that screens behind a document and can be published (unlike a background).watermark
Which of the following codes is placed in the Header & Footer aspects group, using the photo button, to encompass a watermark in a published worksheet?&
Use the __________ button on the web page Layout tab to repeat heading rows in ~ the height of spreadsheets spanning an ext than one printed page.Print Titles
A ___________ is a divider that breaks a big worksheet into separate pages because that break
Use the __________ window to quickly adjust page division to her specification.

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Page break Preview
In order come see exactly how the printed paper will it is in split amongst pages, pick Page break Preview on i m sorry tab?View
__________ have the right to be modified come optimize the white an are on a printed worksheet.Margins
Which best describes the orientation the a worksheet?It prints either vertically or horizontally
What is used to shrink or large a document to publish on a single page?Scaling
In which group on the page Layout tab will certainly you uncover the alternatives necessary to adjust the scaling the a published worksheet?Page Setup