Now evaluation the qualities of people in both images and also text. This will help prepare you come identify attributes of old civilizations in the last activity.

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The Acropolis, a monument in Athens, is a symbol of ancient Greece.

One properties of worlds is the they have urban areas, together as big towns or cities. This photograph shows the huge city that Athens, which was the facility of old Greek civilization.

In old Egypt, royal family members were the highest type of society.

Two characteristics of people include: (1) Culture, which is seen in art, architecture and also written or spoken language; and also (2) Government, which contains leaders.The papyrus displayed here shows ancient Egyptian royalty. This item of art reflects both culture and a kind of government.

In ancient Egypt, society was separation into groups based upon what people did throughout their lives. In ~ the top of society was the Pharaoh, adhered to by members the the nobility, who were the wealthiest group below the Pharaoh. Workers dubbed craftsmen come next, and also farmers and slaves were at the bottom that society.

Click the present Answer button below to disclose the characteristics of worlds that is noticeable from the text.

Show AnswerHide prize In this explanation that a civilization, ancient Egypt has actually a system of social classes within their society. The classes have the right to be based upon money or tradition.

In ancient Incan society, human being learned exactly how to farm plants such together potatoes, peanuts and tomatoes. They came to be experts in ~ farming top top hillsides, and raised donkey-like pets called alpacas. Incan civilization worshipped several different gods. The most necessary was the sun god dubbed "Inti."

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Show AnswerHide answer In this explanation of an old civilization, the Incas show proof of: • human being with specialized jobs, such together farming; and• civilization practicing a kind religion, with the prayer of gods.

In the next activity, you will usage what you have learned about civilizations come identify characteristics in examples from old civilizations.

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