Type of care delivered by EMS systems
communicationA global system access number because that EMS systems is one component of the NHTSA standard for ______________________.

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directorA medical professional who assumes the ultimate obligation for the patient care facets of an EMS system is the medical _____________.
paramedicThe level the EMS training the allows fairly invasive field care such as endotracheal and initiation the IV lines
responderFirst_____________; level of EMS teraining designed for the human being who is oftern very first on the scene.
improvementThe process of continuous self-review come identify and correct facets of an EMS system is known as quality ____________.
TransportationIn 1966 the U. S. Department of _______________________ to be charged with advancement of EMS standards.
standingProcotols issued by a medical Director authorizing an EMT-B to provide emergency treatment are dubbed _____________ orders.
basicThe level of EMS training that is considered the minimum level the certification for ambulance personnel is EMT-_______.
designatedAn EMT-B, while providing emergency care, functions as an expansion of the medical Director's license to exercise medicine and also thus is a ______________ agent of the physician.
assessmentTo carry out proper patient care, a appropriate _____________ have to come first.
traumaA specialty hospital that has actually surgery teams accessible 24 hours a day can be designated together a ________ center.
intermediateThe level that EMS cultivate which contains some advanced life support and progressed airway techniques is EMT-___________.
resourceTo ensure the all victim of emergencies have equal accessibility to an easy emergency care, NHTSA has occurred standards for central coordination, or ____________ management, for EMS systems.
traitsCharacteristics the a good EMT-B are likewise known together physical and personal _________.
enhancedTerm provided to describe a 911 dispatch system that has the capacity of identifying a caller's phone number and also location.
safetyThe an initial responsibility of one EMT-B is personal _________.
FranceCountry that emerged the earliest documented emergency clinical service.
procotolsLists of procedures the EMT-B take away in various situations, arisen by the EMS clinical Director.
advocateWhen one EMT-B speak up for the pateint, pleading his cause, the EMT-B is gift the patient's ____________.
decontaminateRemove or clean up dangerous chemistry or transmittable materials.
contaminationThe advent of disease or transmittable materials.
retreatThe first of the three "Rs" in the reaction phase of taking care of a dangerous instance is come _________ indigenous danger.
tuberculosisA highly transmittable infection that settles in the lungs.
aidsThe collection of problems that result when the body's immune system has been struck by the HIV virus.
acceptanceStage the the dying process in which the patience says, "OK, I'm not afraid."
hazardousA(n)_____________ products incidient requires the release of harmful substances into the environment.
Personal security EquipmentMask, gloves, etc., used to protect EMS responders from epidemic or hazardous products exposure
high efficiency particulate wait (HEPA) respiratorType the respirator supplied when caring for TB patients.
casualtyMultiple ________, incident; an emergency involving an ext than one patient.
debriefingCritical occurrence Stress ___________; a process in i m sorry emotional and psychological assistance is offered to EMS personnel.
defusingType of session hosted within the first few hours ~ a crucial incident come vent feelings and receive information about stress.
washingHand ________ must be carry out after every call, also if gloves space worn.
isolationBody substance __________; a form of epidemic control based upon the assumption that every body fluids are infectious.
airborne___________ pathogens; the kind spread as tiny droplets sprayed throughout breathing, coughing, or sneezing.
depressionStage the the dying process in i m sorry the patience is sad and also desparing and mourns points not accomplished.
glovesProtective ________ the latex, vinyl, or various other synthetics should be worn whenever over there is a potential for call with blood or other body fluids.
distressNegative form of stress that reasons immediate and also long-term problems
eustessPositive kind of tension that helps people work successfully under pressure.
rescueOperations including disentangling victim from fires, auto collisions, explosions, ect.
pathogenOrganism that causes infection.
hepatitisInfection causing inflammation that the liver.
practiceScope the ________; set of regulations and ehtical considerations that specify the extent and also limits of the EMT-B's job.
proxyPerson who is called to make health care decisions because that another.
interventionsThings that an EMT-B does to aid a patient.
confidentialityObligation not to reveal information obtained about a pateint except, because that example, to other health care professionals connected in the patient's care.
abandonmentLeaving a patient after treatment has to be initiated and also before transferring care to an same or much more highly trained clinical authority.
liabilitySituation of gift legally responsible in a legit case.
informedTo refure care, a human being must be fully _______ and understand the risks associated with refusal of treatment or transportation.

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incompetentMentally ___________ adult; a patient no legally allowed to administer consent or refure clinical care and transportation.
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