Vampire Knight: Zero Vs. Kaname: who Was better For Yuuki? In a an option between heartthrobs Zero and also Kaname, Yuuki really does have her work reduced out for her. We sweet each side of the case.

Buffy, Angel, and also Spike. Elena, Damon, and also Stefan. Bella, Edward, and Jacob. A three-way love triangle is extremely usual in mythological stories. The often requires two non-human males fighting end a human girl. In the situation of the hit manga and anime collection Vampire Knight, vampires Kaname Kuran and also Zero Kiryu both aim to success the heart of Yuuki Cross.

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In the middle of protecting the work School and dealing with villainous vampires in the Night School, our heroine have to decide in between Zero or Kaname. She establishes romantic feelings for both heartthrobs, however she have the right to only pick one together her boyfriend. Does she select Kaname, the charming pureblood vampire, or Zero, the brooding vampire hunter? that should she have chosen? Fans that the collection still debate which guy was much better for Yuuki, so here is our take on the matter.

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Zero and Yuuki have developed a strong partnership together the defenders the the day Class. They have not only bonded as teammates, however as friends, and then to lovers. The ideal romances start when the pair are friends, that method they have a solid foundation to construct their romance.

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Kaname has known Yuuki longer, but for an additional reason -- they"re related. The entirety Yuuki and also Kaname together brother and also sister plotline quiet confuses us. Yuuki had actually once to be a pureblood vampire, however their mother made her human being to protect her. For this reason yes, back Yuuki is reawakened as a vampire later on, Kaname is her older brother. This method Kaname and also Yuuki have actually an incestuous relationship. It’s mutual love, yet it’s downright bizarre. That is mainly disregarded and adjusted around together the circumstances change, indigenous Yuuki as person to her awakening. Still, for the audience, it"s hard to ignore.

Zero"s tsundere and belligerent nature prevents him indigenous making friends, for this reason Yuuki is the just one close come him. Yuuki has a bubbly and also bright personality, so she can overlook his rudeness. Also, because Zero is more shy, he has difficulty expressing his feelings towards her.

However, when he expresses his frustration, it have the right to be perceived as bullying, which leads Yuuki to think he didn"t prefer her. Kaname is more calm and also diplomatic, and also Yuuki has constantly held a high respect because that him. She proceeds to contact him "Kaname-senpai," also when the insists to just speak to him Kaname. While he have the right to sometimes come throughout as stoic, Kaname is warm and gentle roughly Yuuki, and able to communicate his feelings much better than Zero can.

Yuuki appears much much more comfortable around Zero 보다 Kaname. She gets flustered around Kaname, whereas with Zero, she feels prefer she can be herself. Yuki seems an ext sad through Kaname then with Zero, specifically after coming to live v him.

Comparatively, Zero appears happier when he is through Yuuki. As children, Yuki was able to calm the down once he had actually nightmares. The tried to distance himself to defend her, knowing she was scared the him as a vampire. The is more comfortable approximately Yuuki 보다 anyone else, practically to a fault.

6 standing - Kaname

This is an benefit Kaname has over Zero. Since Kaname and also Yuuki are siblings, they space both pureblood vampires. Pureblood vampires room the greatest rank amongst vampires or considered Level A.

They have actually no human being lineage, therefore they room born as vampires. Zero to be bitten, so he was once human, and is therefore not a pureblood vampire. The vampire neighborhood frowns ~ above the relationship between Yuuki and Zero due to the fact that she is a pureblood and he is not.

This reason is more than likely the most far-reaching in respect to vampires. Kaname claims vampires have the right to only fulfill their thirst by drinking blood from your true love. Yuuki responds that his blood will certainly never meet her because component of her still loves Zero.

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When Zero drinks from Yuuki one last time, he essentially admits the Yuuki is his true love by confessing that only ever wanted her blood. The love between Yuki and Zero was clearly mutual throughout the series, whereas it becomes an ext one-sided through Yuuki and Kaname.

4 Trusting Each various other - Zero

Yuki can trust Zero an ext than she can trust Kaname. Zero never ever really lies to Yuuki. He only hid the truth that he to be an ex-vampire. While Kaname didn’t technically lied either, he maintained a much more important secret. Since the beginning of the series, Yuki longed for answers around her past and also her family, and Kaman withheld that details from she for years.

Zero is likewise the one come tell Yuuki the truth around Kaname, in which he was responsible for the slaughter of her family. He puts her full trust in Yuuki as well, together she helps control his bloodlust. Although Yuuki appears to to trust both vampires, and also she knows once she is gift tricked v hallucinations and also illusions.

Yuuki has kids with both Kaname and Zero. She has actually one daughter through Kaname, Ai Kuran, and one daughter with Zero, Ren Kiryu.

After Kaname provides his sacrifice, Zero acts an ext paternal to Ai, and is grateful for how she nurtures Ren. As for legacy, Kaname is the far better choice together well. Yuuki has a better future with Kaname together heiress that the Kuran family. Since Yuki"s love is within Kaname, Yuki exist within him, therefore they room forever a component of each other.

2 Fan Opinions - Zero

also though fans still argue, the bulk prefers Yuuki and also Zero together oppose to Yuuki and Kaname. This is obvious from a fan poll in the January 2008 concern of LaLa magazine. Yuuki and Zero as a pairing to be voted many Popular pair with 1700 votes, whereas Yuuki and also Kaname put third.

Fanfiction websites have much more content around Zero than Kaname as well. Some fans even ship Kaname and Zero together.

according to us, Zero to be the far better choice for Yuuki. Castle have better chemistry and a stronger feeling of love because that each other. Lock share the mutual thirst as well, i beg your pardon is a clean indicator of genuine love. Yet surprisingly, the actual finishing doesn"t do a choice, and almost chooses both, in a way. The canon finishing involves Yuki ending up through Zero, and also then v Kaname. It likewise differs relying on whether you"re talking around the anime or the manga. In chapter 93 that the manga, Zero is murdered, although by who is unknown. In the anime, however, the last we see of Zero is once Yuki and also Kaname go into the Kuran mansion. In both, Kaname dies as a an outcome of his sacrifice for the vampire hunters.

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When Yuki remembers her time v Zero, she claims he at some point made her happy. She access time his grave, but he has actually turned come dust, which indicates he was not a pureblood vampire. She then visits Kaname"s body and awakens him together a human. By act this, Yuuki offers him the chance to experience pleasure as a human. Back she sacrifices her own life in the process, giving him her heart and also the children to look at after. She pipeline a article for Kaname, which states she desire his thirst will lastly be quenched once and also for all.