I typical Oda hinted and foreshadowed Zoro and Tashigi. But I so dislike this ship, due to the fact that there space a the majority of girls, the really worth our boy Zoro. Ns mean just compare Tashigi and Hancock. It's would be unfair, if Zoro gets Tashigi. I typical Tashigi is cute, however Zoro deserve more. Perona, in mine opinion, is much better, Komurasaki will certainly be the finest option. Robin, Nami, even Sanji and also Law will be far better than Tashigi. I've spoken. Sorry for my shit English. What carry out u males think around future Zoro's wife.

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Worth Zoro in what way? and also why is there the require for comparison? since each females of One Piece have their own particular goals and also relevance in the story.

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Zoro will have actually 3 wives.

I think Hiyori would be an excellent though. Tashigi freaks that out since she looks like his childhood crush.

I don’t think anyone must be together in canon really. Oda said he desires to focus on the journey no on relationships. The doesn’t mean afterwards Oda will pair the characters up. However if anyone must be paired through him, ns think either Robin or Tashigi. And also Tashigi is 100% better than Hancock. I like kinder people and also Tashigi is at least kinder 보다 Hancock. Ns hated Hancock because she kicked the negative kitten or puppy and also thought she to be ugly since then.

To be fair ns think it's quite clear the Sanji and Pudding will finish up with each other (at least it exactly how I witnessed it), that doesn't necessarily average that all of the rather will get a partner by the end however I carry out think it's a good sign that the very least some of lock will.

No one. Nobody of the strawhats will have actually canon marriages or relationships by the finish of the manga. It’s no Oda’s style.

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Zoro won't obtain married since he won't have the ability to make that on time come actually obtain married!


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