Britt Nicole is undoubtedly among the most popular gospel artist of the modern-day. As well as singing, Britt is additionally a talented songwriter and is finest known because that hit singles such together Breakthrough, all This Time, and also Gold. The Grammy nominee right now has four studio albums and numerous tracks to she name. So, what is Britt Nicole doing now, and also is she quiet making music?


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Britt Nicole'ss bio

Here is a look in ~ the singer’s childhood, career, relationship, marriage, children, and also other details.

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How old is Britt Nicole?

The singer to be born on august 2, 1984, making she 37 year old as of 2021. Whereby is Britt Nicole from? She was born in Salisbury, phibìc Carolina, and also grew up alongside her brother Bryne Waddell. Britt states she has always had a calling to the music industry.

She even turned down a scholarship at the renowned Belmont university in Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue a job in music. As well as singing, Nicole is also a talented hip-hop and also ballet dancer.

What religious beliefs is Britt Nicole?

Singer Britt Nicole performs at The Roxy Theatre ~ above January 9, 2013 in West Hollywood, California. Photo: Chelsea LaurenSource: Getty Images

The singer is a devout Christian and began singing at her grandpa’s church, The truth Temple that Kannapolis, when she was about three year old. She later learned how to pat the guitar and also piano. By the time she was in her teens, she might compose her own music.


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Later, she got connected with the church’s routine that supplied to wait on Charlotte TV terminal WAXN. As soon as she joined southern Rowan High School, she conveniently joined the school’s advanced choir group. After high school, Nicole joined fight it out University, whereby she became part of the institution’s Brightleaf Music Workshop.

Music career

Nicole has proclaimed that the experience in her life instilled a feeling of spirituality right into her and went a long method in defining her musical journey. The singer adopted the contemporary genre of Christian music during the early on years of she career.

Her an initial album, monitor the Call, was independently released in 2003 under her birth name, Brittany Nicole. In 2004, the singer signed a management deal with Vertical Entertainment and also a development deal with World Records.

Nicole climate released her an initial self-titled EP in 2004. Two years later, she signed a deal with Sparrow Records. Finally, in 2007, Britt released her debut studio album titled Say It. The album received a five-star rating native the famous SoulShine Magazine.


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Some the the best-known songs from the album speak It incorporate Don’t worry Now, collection the human being on Fire, and also You. The album peaked in ~ number 40 ~ above the Billboard Christian Albums list that year. In 2009, Nicole released her 2nd studio album, The Lost gain Found.

The singer’s 2nd studio album to be a enormous hit and also peaked in ~ number one ~ above the hot Christian Albums list. Some height tracks native the album include Hanging On and Walk on the Water. The singer exit her fourth album (the third studio album) in march 2012.

The 4th album is titled Gold and was marketed through Capitol Records. Gold peaked at number one ~ above the Billboard warm Christian Albums list and also included the hit song All This Time.


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Britt Nicole's songs

Nicole performs in ~ The Roxy Theatre top top January 9, 2013 in West Hollywood, California. Photo: Chelsea LaurenSource: Getty Images

Here is a watch at several of the finest songs by Nicole.

All This TimeBe The ChangeBreakthroughGoldLook favor LoveReady Or not (feat. Lecrae)The Lost obtain FoundThe sun Is RisingThrough your EyesWork the Art
Is Britt Nicole tho making music?

While the singer has not exit a brand-new single or album of late, she is still really active in the music industry. She consistently performs she songs in concerts and other events.

Is Britt Nicole married?

The singer got married ~ above July 1, 2012. Britt Nicole's husband is dubbed Joshua Crosby and also is a singer and also drum teacher. Crosby was born in Canada and also met Nicole as soon as he to be hired to work-related as her touring drummer.

Does Britt Nicole have a child?

The singer and her husband have been blessed through two children. Britt Nicole's youngsters have a two-year age difference. The firstborn, Ella Brave Crosby, to be born ~ above July 24, 2013. The second-born, Adin Jerusalem Crosby, to be born ~ above February 8, 2015.


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How much is Britt Nicole worth?

According come Celebrity network Worth, Britt Nicole's network worth is right now $4 million.

How high is Britt Nicole?

Britt Nicole is certainly one the the most familiar deals with in modern-day contemporary gospel music. In spite of not publication music recently, the singer continues to be associated in concerts and tours.

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