This past September, multi-platinum country music hitmaker Justin Moore and wife Kate celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary — with a expedition to Walmart.

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"I'm pretty sure we had actually cheese dip for dinner," Moore, 37, laughs throughout an interview with about the celebratory, however jam-packed work that likewise included running their 4 kids approximately from below to there. "There was a moment where us looked at every other and were like, 'Wow, what a romantic wedding anniversary!' yet I don't think either of us would want it any different."

The meager meal certainly took the pair back come the early days of their marriage, as soon as Moore was just starting his trek increase the ladder to country music stardom.

"Quite honestly, paid our bills for a while," admits Moore, who freshly scored his 10th No. 1 "We Didn't have Much." "A lot of world don't know this, but you have the right to have a solid run up the charts and you quiet ain't making any money. Us couldn't have actually survived without her and also her income.  and also not just that, i couldn't have survived without her support, since at the time, ns was seldom home. I remember gift gone because that stretches that 100 days and also being house just three or four of those days."

Still, the two persevered both personally and also professionally and also now uncover themselves as one of nation music's longer-lasting couples. And also it's the love that they re-publishing that deserve to be heard all over Moore's current single "With a mrs You Love," a romantic but completely relatable look in ~ adoration the Moore will function on a new full-length LP coming later in 2022. He composed the track alongside Paul DiGiovanni, follow McGill, and Jeremy Stover.

"When you find someone you yes, really love and care about, you don't treatment if you acquire made fun of ... And you resolve a cat in the bed," chuckles Moore that the family members cat, Binx. "For me, this song is a reflection of that type of love."

Indeed, the previous Kate Gales to be on her high school senior trip in Panama City Beach, Florida when she happened to re-superstructure a connecting hotel balcony through a specific Mr. Justin Moore.

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"I had a boyfriend and he had actually a girlfriend, so we weren't really there to party and also stuff," recalls Kate about the week she first met the future country superstar. "We simply took treatment of ours friends and hung around and also talked."

And throughout those talks, Kate started realizing the she had discovered herself, on the balcony at the trashy hotel, a pretty nice guy.

"That's what walk it for me," she tells human being with a slim chuckle. "As sappy together it sounds, I just loved the he had an excellent morals and also he was a great guy. That absolutely attracted me to him."