The sixteen-year-old boy of Alfonso and Hortensia, Miguel and also Esperanza have been friends and playmates because they were small. Sixto has always doted on Miguel, and also Miguel, a mechanically whiz kid, works hard on the ranch, helping Sixto to deal with “anything through a motor” on every one of Rancho de las Rosas. Once they to be younger Esperanza was regularly jealous that the bond between Miguel and her Papa, despite she additionally harbored a to like on the boy and once even asserted her intention come marry him. Together Esperanza thrived older, though, she started to know that “a deep river” ran in between the two of them—Esperanza is “la reina” and also Miguel is, and constantly will be, her family’s servant. This all changes after Sixto’s death, as soon as Esperanza find herself plunged right into poverty and also Miguel’s equal at last—though the absence of a “river” in between them does not make she happy. When Esperanza harbors desires of return to she life the luxury, Miguel attempts to impress upon Esperanza the need for acceptance, and grows frustrated v her as soon as she proceeds to act as if she’s much better than him even as they job-related side by side on the company farm in California. Regardless of the tensions in between them, Esperanza and Miguel room friends and also confidants—until Esperanza believes Miguel has actually stolen the money orders she’s been saving up in she valise and also run away to northern California to work-related on the railroads. Miguel soon returns, though, with Abuelita in tow—he has actually gone ~ above a perilous journey to Mexico to retrieve she for Ramona and also Esperanza. By the end of the novel, Esperanza at critical manages to realize that there is no “river” in between her and Miguel—and that there never ever was.

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Now the to be a young woman, she understood that Miguel to be the housekeeper’s son and also she was the ranch owner’s daughter and also between lock ran a deep river. Esperanza stood on one side and also Miguel stood on the other and the river might never it is in crossed. In a minute of self-importance, Esperanza had actually told every one of this come Miguel. Since then, that had spoken only a few words to her. Once their paths crossed, that nodded and said politely, “Mi reina, my queen,” however nothing more. There was no teasing or laughing or talking around every small thing. Esperanza pretended not to care, despite she covertly wished she had never called Miguel about the river.

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