Dragon Ball: Every Buu, Ranked indigenous Weakest To strongest From eating self to ruining the world, we"re finding out which variation of Dragon Ball"s huge bad Buu is the strongest one of all!

Dragon Ball Z to be a present known for its an excellent villains. Characters like Vegeta, Frieza, and Cell can be downright chilling in ~ times, and also it was constantly a thrill to see heroes like Goku taking on stronger and also stronger foes. Due to the fact that of this, it was a surprise once we an initial met his best foe, Buu.

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Let’s challenge it: Buu looked like something of a joke character. He’s pink, he is pudgy, and also at any given point, the doesn’t know what the hell he is doing. However, Dragon ball Z leaned right into the risk of this idea— the a super-powerful being without much of a conscience or a moral compass. Throw in his ability to absorb human being and adjust forms, and Buu became more dangerous through the moment.

Towards the end of the show, Buu had numerous transformations and also even a reincarnation. Additionally, the adventures that both Buu and also the reincarnated Uub ongoing on the divisive Dragon sphere GT show. Accordingly, fans have actually spent years trying to identify which execution of Buu room the strongest.

Fortunately, you won’t need to build a distinct scouter or rubbish a wish on the an excellent Dragon— just inspect out our overview to Dragon Ball: Every Buu, Ranked indigenous Weakest come Strongest!

once it comes to the weakest type of Buu, we’ll have to go with Mr. Buu. There space a couple of reasons that he’s the weakest Buu, and the very first is the his essence has to be torn from that of chaste Buu. Thus, he’s lost the cohesive strength of his totality self and also been separation into two aspects—a great side and an evil side.

And together the Spaceballs movie wisely speak us: “evil will always triumph because an excellent is dumb.” This version of Buu is the “good” part of innocent Buu, definition that he doesn’t have the killer instinct that plenty of of the other creates do. He additionally has couple of powers than the others, as he is no able come absorb energy through his body as he once did, nor deserve to he power up as easily.

This guy still has actually a the majority of raw power (he is a Buu, after ~ all), however compared to his various other versions, he’s tiny potatoes.

14 miss out on Buu

miss Buu is a character the is pretty straightforward to miss, even for big fans that Dragon round Z. The factor for this is that she has actually primarily showed up in video games, consisting of Dragon sphere Online and Dragon round Xenoverse. What’s she deal? Well, it comes from Buu reading some adult magazines (thanks, Mr. Satan) and also deciding he wants a mate. Thus, he splits self once much more to develop a miss Buu!

By all accounts, the personalities live a quite happy life together. They ultimately work the end a rather non-traditional reproductive method using beams of energy and start cranking out children. A pair of century later, lock have managed to their own unique race of beings, though the descendants room not practically as an effective as the original Buu.

Miss Buu herself continues to be pretty strong, and she is still alive over two century after the super 17 Saga in Dragon sphere GT.

with a name choose Innocent Buu, you could expect that to it is in the weakest one top top this list. However, “innocent” is relative: this variation of Buu still has extraordinary powers, and also he wasn’t afraid to use them to destroy things (and people) that acquired in his way. In fact, periodically he’d damage things just for fun!

Buu effectively lacked a ethical compass. He wasn’t afraid to connect in crimes, all the method up come mass murder, and he actually took an excellent pleasure at the horrific actions the he performed. He initially lacked the capacity to know that the pain and also death he brought were actually poor things, and once the cool Supreme Kai element told him, he was willing to readjust his ways.

In his capability and willingness to hold himself back, this Buu ends up being weaker than plenty of on this list, consisting of the unfortunately-named Fat Buu.

12 Fat Buu

as the surname implies, Fat Buu no look choose a very huge threat come anyone. However, looks have the right to be deceiving: this Buu has actually some that the same extraordinary absorption strength of his various other forms, and also in his ahead form, he’d controlled to absorb the southern Supreme Kai. Afterwards, the was transformed to Fat Buu through the Dai Kaioshin.

In the Fat form, Buu is something of a blended bag. On one hand, he has actually a lot of raw power, together you would suppose anyone who has took in a Kai to have. However, the Kai appeared to have a tempering affect on Buu’s life power: in this form, he has previously to be sealed away by Bibidi, and Goku has actually the strength to loss him. Plus, his key weapon is a cacao beam, and while plenty of fans would certainly kill because that a real-life version, it’s simply not an extremely intimidating.

Unlike several of these goofier transformation names, “Evil Buu” sounds choose a character that you yes, really don’t desire to mess with. This is definitely the case, as this male is the opposite variety of Mr. Buu and represents the dark side of Buu’s personality. This arsenal of dark power makes evil Buu a an extremely dangerous client indeed.

First of all, he’s got the supervillain appearance down to one art: gray skin, low voice, and also a dramatic violet cape. He’s also got the killer instinct: among the an initial things he does is to murder Van Zant together a punishment for shooting Buu’s friend, Mr. Satan. He additionally kicks the an excellent Buu’s butt, and after the good Buu becomes coco (thanks come a reflected chocolate beam), angry Buu proceeds come eat himself.

Chocolate self-cannibalism: it doesn’t get an ext evil 보다 that! However, there are other develops of Buu that are more powerful still.

10 supervisor Buu

together it transforms out, evil Buu eat the chocolate great Buu had actually some weird next effects, and also we’re no talking about indigestion. Instead, he transformed right into Super Buu! As much as Buu transformations go, at sight Buu to represent a full, Six Million dissension Man makeover: Buu has actually been remade, and also he’s better, stronger, and also faster... Not to cite smarter!

Super Buu even manages to look physically intimidating. He is ditched both the “freshman fifteen” and also “supervillain” looks for a sleek, muscular build worthy of daunting Goku. And also while that is not as wholly immoral as Evil Buu, he’s incredibly dangerous, threatening every life ~ above Earth.

He is originally stopped by Gohan, but he then took top top his many dangerous change yet! This is since Gohan was being aided by Gotenks, and also Super Buu to adjust his eyes on Gotenks as a method of achieving the edge that he needs to win this fight - and the battles to come.

by this point in the ongoing Dragon sphere Z story, the act of combination had end up being a major storytelling component. Characters could fuse your powers and also their whole selves together to produce a newer, also stronger being. While this was largely a trick reserved for the great guys, the civilization trembled when Buu began doing it!

By this point, Buu was being conveniently beaten by Gohan and also realized the he required a help hand to accomplish victory. In stimulate to carry out this, he managed to fuse v Gotenks by making use of his distinct absorption power. This changed his figure in some notable ways that ranged indigenous a more human-looking face to that wearing a jacket that resembled Gotenks’ jacket. He no just acquire the looks, though: blend Buu controlled to absorb several of Gotenks’ powers, too.

He may have actually stayed in this kind indefinitely, but when Gotenks separated ago into two bodies, blend Buu lost his powers.

8 Piccolo Buu

Apparently, fusing through Gotenks offered Buu a genuine taste for fleshwalking. After the blend with Gotenks attract off, he ends up absorbing Piccolo. While many Dragon ball Z fans do the failure of dismissing Piccolo as a fighter, the reality is that absorbing him gave Buu a dangerous tactical edge the he had not previously had actually before.

Here’s the thing about Piccolo: he is the Batman that the Z fighters and also serves together the brains in many fights. So, absorbing Piccolo offered Buu an intelligence he had never had before. In ~ first, Buu has both Piccolo and also Gotenks inside himself, yet later, he’s under to the jolly green Namekian. With Piccolo’s memories and knowledge, he is able come psychologically torture Gohan, and he also wields dangerous new tricks choose the distinct Beam Cannon.

Between Piccolo’s brains and brawn, Buu is lastly able to absorb Gohan, offering him a level of strength he can not previously access.

Future super Buu is an additional version the this personality that just a handful of fans recognize about. He makes his just appearance in Dragon ball Z: Shin Budokai—Another Road, which only came the end on Sony’s long-lived (albeit ill-fated) playstation Portable. This character originates from an different timeline, and also he was developed when Future evil Buu consumed Future Majin Buu.

In terms of power, the has accessibility to the very same level of awesome power as the consistent Super Buu. In ~ the same time, the absorbs even an ext powerful characters over the food of the game, including personalities such together Broly. This end up making that even much more powerful and unpredictable 보다 the original Super Buu, that was among the most dangerous foes the Z fighters ever before faced.

However, there room still other forms of this warrior the presented an even greater threat to the Earth and also the whole universe.

6 can be fried Buu

Buu’s “ultimate” kind represents his most dangerous blend yet. If fused through Piccolo, Buu manages to achieve his goal: taking in Gohan! in ~ this allude in the series, Gohan is one of the most an effective fighters on Earth, make Buu insanely dangerous after he it s okay Gohan’s power.

He proves how an effective he is by acquisition on Goku and Vegeta, and they hit him as a team prior to reluctantly fusing together to try to loss Buu. Favor everyone else, though, they end up being took in by Buu.

As v the other fusions, taking in Gohan led to a adjust of clothing for Buu. Specifics he started sporting Gohan’s red uniform. He likewise sported new abilities that extended past a costume change, as his body had physiological and psychological defenses to aid him attend to Goku and also Vegeta as soon as they started fighting back from the inside. When this was the strongest Buu they had challenged yet, there room other creates that have much more raw power.

The so-called “South Buu” to represent Buu after the absorbs the south Supreme Kai that was inhabiting Otherworld. Southern Buu’s placement on this list may rankle some fans. Part of the controversy comes from the fact that we don’t view Buu carry out a many in this form, for this reason we have to determine his strength based on the transitive property. And also while math never ever sounds fun, let’s face it— these power levels can only get so high prior to we have to take out a calculator!

Our just real data suggest comes indigenous watching the southern Supreme Kai fight. In a fast scene that many fans dismiss together filler, we view that the Kai is may be to hold his very own in a struggle with kid Buu, which is one of Buu’s the strongest forms. In ~ the very same time, we understand that son Buu was not fighting through his full strength, and also was most likely simply testing the Kai. Thus, the Kai finished up through a fairly strong place on this list, but Kid Buu is tho his better.

4 child Buu

boy Buu is ours most an effective version of Buu yet because that a single compelling reason: he is the many reckless! He’s gained a ton of power and also nothing come really hold him back. The doesn’t treatment who that kills, consisting of himself, and also he’s willing to destroy himself in stimulate to ruin planet Earth!

In terms of creating significant body counts, it doesn’t gain much more serious than boy Buu. His devastation of the earth kills billions that people, including notable heroes choose Piccolo and Trunks. Fortunately, Goku and Vegeta room able to occupational with Dende and also other characters to carry everyone ago to life with the Dragon Balls. Dende offers one of your multiple desire via the Namekian Dragon to great Goku ago to his complete strength.

At this point, a supervisor Saiyan Goku and his soul Bomb are enough to destroy Kid Buu. However, this is not the last we see of him.

A really consistent function of Dragon sphere Z is that Goku has a pure heart. So, even as he obliterates boy Buu to conserve the world, he wishes the he could challenge a non-evil version of this guy to a rematch someday. And also because Goku has friends in high places, Otherworld’s very own King Yemma makes sure the Buu is reincarnated together Uub!

At an initial glance, Uub doesn’t look favor he’s anything special— just a scrawny human male. However, we at some point see the rematch goku hoped for as soon as Uub start the world Martial arts Tournament. That takes Uub a moment to conference his confidence, but an extremely soon, he’s holding his own against Goku.

Goku ends up gift so impressed that he takes Uub on together his protégé, seeing in the the potential to come to be a warrior who, choose Goku, will certainly one day be able to protect the entire civilization from anything.

2 Uub (teenage)

The controversial Dragon sphere GT gives us an ext of Uub’s story. Specifically, we view him 5 years after ~ Goku ended up being his mentor. In ~ this point, Uub is fifteen year old and also stronger 보다 ever. ~ he offers Goku a large enough difficulty during training, goku declares that Uub’s maintain is now complete. While Goku had held ago during their very first fight at the civilization Martial arts Tournament, Goku currently thinks Uub is ready.

Of course, the overriding blog post of Dragon sphere is the there is always a tougher opponent right roughly the corner. Uub discovers exactly how true this is as soon as he squares off against an alien opponent named baby (hey, v a name choose that, you have to become tough).

Baby is the actual deal, making use of psychic powers to control nearly everyone ~ above Earth, consisting of Uub’s allies Videl and Gohan. Uub is easily beaten through Baby and also has to will to combination in stimulate to save himself - and potentially the entire planet.

After all of the fusing that has defined the various forms that Buu, it provides sense that things would come complete circle and he would fuse v himself. Seeing no other choice, Uub fuses with Majin Buu, that is ago as a pure-hearted great guy. By merger together, they become a an effective character named Majuub!

Uub gets the predictable power rise from this fusion. Plus, in the unify form, the has access to Majin Buu’s capacity to turn civilization into candy. And while Majuub it s okay a the majority of raw strength from Majin Buu, the retains lot of the tactical training native Goku. We view this most clearly when he permits himself to be turned into chocolate and also eaten by infant Vegeta (this is Vegeta once being regulated by Baby— a pretty direct name).

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It turns out this is a plot to attack Baby native the inside. This buys Goku sufficient time to finish Baby off, and also Majuub continues to be in the fused kind and experiences many an ext years the battling ever before more-powerful foes.