Fifteen years ago, George Jones teamed up v Dolly Parton because that the an initial time for “The Blues Man.”

Isn’t the amazing how songs space being passed around before they find the best home? regrettably for George Jones, that passed on quite a few that turned out into iconic hits for his fellow country singers. Therefore in 2005, Jones decided to placed an album of all the songs he wished he recorded, i beg your pardon he referred to as Hits ns Missed…And One i Didn’t. That course, the one-hit the did not miss was “He quit Loving she Today,” which he practically did not document too!

The tracklisting had Randy Travis’ “On The various other Hand,” Merle Haggard’s “Today I started Loving you Again,” Willie Nelson’s “Funny how Time Slips Away,” and Hank Williams Jr.’s “The Blues Man.”

For his rendition that the country icon Hank Jr.’s song, Jones enlisted Dolly Parton’s assist and debuted your very very first “duet video.” The video clip started v a newspaper headline saying Jones to be arrested and followed v Las Vegas’ neon lights mirroring that the was playing in a concert. Both Jones and Parton to be standing top top an north stage, singing their respective parts.

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Most fans know that Jones has a little bit of a wild past, and also he owned as much as it in this music video. Footage of his DUI arrest was also shown as well as a marquee sign saying his present was canceled.

It’s together If “The Blues Man” was Written particularly For George Jones

“The Blues Man” was written entirely by Hank Jr. He has actually performed the song plenty of times before, and it always seems to it is in a group favorite. The song tells the story of a singer who has been through some challenging times in life. Despite he admits the countless mistakes the he has actually made, that revealed that he has due to the fact that turned his life around.

The narrator knew he fan a lot to a one-of-a-kind woman in his life who showered him with love and also helped him with his struggles.

“I was alone in the hot lights, not too much left in sight, yet she changed all the one night as soon as she sang me this song. Hey baby, ns love you, hey baby, I need you. Hey baby, you ain’t obtained to prove come me you’re some kind of macho man. You’ve wasted so much of her life runnin’ through the dark nights. Permit me shine some love light down on the blues man,” the track goes.

It’s practically as despite “The Blues Man” was written especially for George Jones together he is nicknamed “No display Jones,” and also has truly lived the tale of this song.

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You deserve to watch Jones and also Parton’s version of the tune in the music video clip below.