Who would think that being cast as Satan in a movie would certainly let Dave Grohl gain to showcase his plenty of talents? on the other hand, if you heard Grohl play Satan in musical-comedy duo Tenacious D"s 2006 movie, "Tenacious D in the pick of Destiny," alongside Jack Black and also Kyle Gass, it might all start to do sense. That"s because all three of those dudes are not just talented rockers but likewise hella funny and entertaining. 

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Still, if you"ve watched "Tenacious D in the pick of Destiny" you can be forgiven for no realizing it was Grohl decked out in full-body red paint, v accompanying Satan-like prosthetics. His personality was also made come look much bigger than Gass" and Black"s personalities — so much so that he was pretty lot unrecognizable uneven you knew it to be him walking in. But as Satan, Grohl acquired to display the human being what he"s working through in his climactic scene through Gass and also Black as soon as their characters difficulty him come a "rock-off" a-la "The evil one Went under to Georgia." 

Satan needs to accept the an obstacle due to the "Demon Code" — naturally. That"s once Grohl-as-Satan"s power reminds everyone the he"s a one-man present — the hard-rocking singer and guitarist from Foo Fighters; that killer drummer us knew indigenous Nirvana; plus, he"s just funny, together illuminated in his playful performance together the prince that darkness.


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Grohl come by the component pretty naturally, as he"d already worked with Black and also Gass. The duo had been touring their act, Tenacious D, since circa 2000 as live shows, yet eventually the comedy-musical plot turned genuine band, finish with record a pair of records with Grohl on drums and also a brief "Tenacious D," series on HBO, per Rolling Stone.

According to Foo Archive, Grohl"s friend and former bandmate was working at The Viper Room in L.A. Whereby Tenacious D was regularly playing ~ above the weekends. He told Grohl he must come check out the act, Grohl did, and also from climate on, Grohl, Black, and Gass have been buddies and have done assorted projects together. 

As a testimony to their friendship and Grohl"s appreciation for Tenacious D, the told black color in a conversation released on Foo Archive, "I"ve constantly said that I"d never do a movie and that"s a sacrifice the I"ve produced you time and also time again. But I got to play Satan in the Tenacious D movie! That"s prefer Kurtz in "Apocalypse Now!" girlfriend can"t to win that!"

Though, Grohl did speak the make-up to be brutal — several hrs of sit there together they placed it every on. "But it was great because the totality time i sat in the chair and drank Jager and listened come Slayer, Unleashed, Mercyful Fate ..., Grohl said. "I simply listened to steel for six hours so when it to be like, "Mr. Grohl, you"re on" — i was just like the devil!"