Vinny Hickerson’s outlook has changed since being one of the four finalists on NBC’s The best Loser. In fact, after shedding 200 pounds, the Trailer Choir singer claims the show saved his life.

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“I’m just rocking much less of a beer gut,” he told, referring to “Rockin’ the Beer Gut,” the band’s fun-loving country single. Referring to the tune as “more that a mindset,” the acknowledges, “It’s absolutely cool no to be moving the beer truck approximately with me anymore.”

Hickerson says the key to losing weight is to find the reason you want to lose it in the very first place. Throughout a visit to come share his experience on the show, he discussed his revolution to “Skinny Vinny” and also future plans through Trailer Choir. What has actually The best Loser done for you, career-wise and also personally?

Hickerson: My day-to-day walk has just changed the way I live, readjusted the means I look at people, readjusted the method I eat, changed the method I law people. It offered to be the every job was around me, and also that’s what I lived for, like how I deserve to make my career better and how have the right to I do things much better for me. … my driving force behind prospering in anything I want to execute is lot stronger than before.

How do you motivate you yourself to job-related out even when friend don’t feel choose it?

For me personally, and it’s going to be various for everybody, you have to discover your reason why. You have actually to discover your factor that you’re going to carry out something. When you find that point that’s going to motivate you to execute it in the an initial place, all you have to do is think back to whereby you were when you began this. Why go you begin this? Why room you law it? Your reason is walking to repeat you to execute it, also if you feel tired.

What didn’t we see on The greatest Loser?

When you watch the show, that looks an extremely intense and also looks really hardcore, and they occupational us out. But what friend don’t see is that’s two hours out the a day, and we walk eight hours. It’s for this reason much more intense and over the optimal than what friend see.

You don’t see how much the trainers treatment for you because you just see castle in workout mode. They invest so lot time through us, specifically Dolvett . He was there v us every single day and also would come and hang out through us and talk v us and also take us out come coffee every now and also then. That treated us not as if we were something because that the show. He treated us favor we were friends, which us are, and also we space friends to this day.

You don’t see how much the present cares about you. The display doesn’t look in ~ you together a means to make money. They in reality care around you. Castle talk around the next five years and keeping the weight off. It’s no just about what you can do right here to make us look good on TV. Lock don’t care around that. They desire to see you actually shed real weight and also maintain the weight loss.

Is there anything else you’d choose to to speak to her fans and supporters?

Number one point is give thanks to you. Every time I gain a blog post from someone the says, “I’m proud the you” or “You helped me change” — all that stuff keeps me going. It’s fuel for me to continue being that function model. So just thank girlfriend to anyone sitting out there that decided to come to my on facebook page, click “like” and share your story with me or say just how I helped them in any way.

What is going on with Trailer Choir currently that it’s simply you and also Butter?

Crystal involved us a little over a year ago, and she just chose she wanted to go carry out her very own thing. She desires to try out a solo career, and also that was her greatest dream comes to Nashville. We miss her. She’s a sweet girl, but we got an additional girl come come in and sing background . We would never get back in the trio situation unless Fergie wants to come and also be in the trio v us. Then us would. But we’re simply going to execute it with me and also Butter. That’s just how it all began anyways. Us love Crystal, and also she’s phenomenal and a good singer and also a good friend.

Do girlfriend have any type of other jobs you’re functioning on?

We’re functioning on a bunch of stuff best now. Us actually have our own record label now dubbed Hollaville Records. Among the things that us like around it is that Trailer Choir is always going come have an excellent times v that and put the end songs. However we can put out Trailer Choir Presents large Vinny. We can put out a pair songs that’s just me and also let human being hear the songwriting side of me. Ns think human being are walking to be pleasantly surprised with the truth that I can play the guitar and also sing, together well, and I’m not simply a 400-pound break-dancer anymore.

Your fans love to watch your dance moves onstage. Can you still carry out the worm?

I can still perform the worm. I can still dance, and also it’s just not as large as it supplied to be. Ns love it.

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I’m just method more physically able to do more stuff now than I ever could.