Jim gift us with the name Jack or man for our tune lyric Sunday options today. To view all the rules and also to read other entries go here.

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My choice today is Jackie Blue through the Ozark mountain Daredevils.

First part confessions. I offered to think the lead singer to be a woman. Mine Bad. At least I am no the just one who thought so. 2nd confession, ns did not know the name of the band, just the song. The is common for me. That is just one of the reasons why I reap seeing posts around bands. I like the finding out process.

I did mine research and also was win by the comments human being made around the an interpretation of the song. Some stated the song was about a woman through a personality disorder. Some referred to as her a narcissist. Some claimed it to be not claimed to be around a mrs at all. Climate there to be comments from civilization who supposedly “knew” the human involved. It was all confusing come say the least. So, I saw a few other sources and also ended up at Wikipedia. Not the greatest resource of truth. But, v comments native the artist it make sense. (The Wiki short article is below.)

I deserve to see why in the mid 70’s it made more commercial sense to talk about a messed-up woman 보다 a drug addled man. The bottom line for me is the I took pleasure in the music and also the feel presented.

Ooh-hoo, Jackie BlueLives her life from within of a roomHides a smile as soon as she’s wearin’ a frownOoh, Jackie you’re not so down

You choose your life in a free-form styleYou’ll take it an inch yet you’d love a mileThere never ever seems to be quite enoughFloating roughly to fill your lovin’ cup

Ooh-hoo, Jackie BlueWhat’s a game girl, if you never lose?Ask a winner and also you’ll prob’bly findOoh, Jackie they’ve lost at sometime

Don’t try to phone call me the you’re no awareOf what you’re doing and also that girlfriend don’t careYou to speak it’s easy, simply a nat’ral thingLike playing music, yet you never ever sing

Ooh-hoo, Jackie BlueMaking desire that never come trueGoing locations that you’ve never ever beenOoh, Jackie Blue, you’re going again

Ooh-hoo, Jackie BlueLives a dream that can never come trueMaking love is like siftin’ through sandOoh, Jackie, it slips through your hand

Every day, in her indigo eyesI watch the sunset however I don’t watch it riseMoonlight and stars in her strawberry wineYou’d take it the world yet you won’t take the time

Ooh-hoo-hoo, Jackie BlueLives her life from inside of a roomMakes girlfriend think that her life is a dragOoh Jackie, what fun you have actually had

Ooh, JackieOoh, JackieOoh, JackieOoh, JackieHey, hey, hey, hey

Wikipedia says “Ozark hill Daredevils drummer Larry Lee composed “Jackie Blue” – motivated by a male drug dealer he’d once known – in embryonic type at Nixa Trout Farm, wherein the Daredevils conceived and rehearsed the songs for their album It’ll Shine once It Shines in the final months the 1973. Daredevil Mike Granda would certainly recall Lee previewing the track for the band as “Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Jackie Blue/ He to be dada, and also dada doo/ he did this, that did that/ he went here, the went there/ Blah, blab, blab Ooh ooh Jackie” and also despite its clearly rough-form text the tune was considered catchy enough to be performed “as is” at the live reflects that the Daredevils played prior to recording the mass of their next album in the barn at Ruedi valley Ranch near Bolivar (Missouri) in the summer of 1974.<2>

Even in turbulent form, Lee’s tune so impression producer Glyn Johns that he guarantee it make the final cut for album inclusion. The Daredevils had completed rough tracks for every one of the album’s potential cuts as soon as they left Missouri for Los Angeles come mix the favored tracks at Sunset Sound. The exemption was “Jackie Blue,” which had only been taped as one instrumental. In ~ Sunset Sound, ~ Johns overdubbed the studio’s grand piano ~ above the one Lee played at the ranch, Lee sang Johns the male-focused lyrics. Johns protested, as Lee would recall: “No, no, no, mate. Jackie Blue has to be a girl.”<2> Johns then had actually Lee and also fellow tape member Steve Cash action out come “regender” the lyrics:(Steve Cash quote:)“We began over with several of lyrics, switched them around, and also I composed a couple of verses.”<3> (Larry Lee quote:)“We just knocked some new lyrics the end in about thirty minutes. part drugged-out guy, we adjusted Jackie right into a reclusive girl.”<2>

Hearing the completed track, Cash realized that “Jackie Blue” can afford the band a “radio song:” (Steve Cash quote:)“It was completely different than that the music we played approximately that point. It had something; it had a hook.”<3> Band member Jerry Mills would certainly concur: (Jerry Mills quote:)“‘Jackie Blue’ sounds commercial it has actually a specific structure that happens come sound an excellent on a automobile radio.”<4> “Jackie Blue” to be the very first of the band’s singles to feature Lee on command vocal, drawing comparisons to the coast Boys<4><5><6> – who were in truth a seminal affect on Larry Lee – <7> and also Fleetwood Mac,<8> with invoice Mann of the Montreal Gazette, reportedly assuming the track to be sung through a woman, dismissing “Jackie Blue” as “an outrageous that Fleetwood ’s sound, under to the woman lead.”<9>

“Jackie Blue” would rise as high together #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in might 1975 and would reach #1 ~ above the singles charts in both Cash Box and Record World. Follow to Steve Cash the single broke out due to the fact that of heavy airplay in Baltimore and Chicago and then essentially “sold itself” without the benefit of effective promotion from A&M Records, back Mike Granda would opine the A&M (Mike Granda quote:) “knew how to market ‘Jackie Blue’ and also did a fabulous job.”<2> According to band member Steve Canaday, the …Daredevils’ album It’ll Shine when It Shines underperformed because that the parent album the a near #1 fight single:(Steve Canaday quote:) “<‘Jackie Blue’> appealed come an audience the was not acquainted with our band” and also were not necessarily interested in the …Daredevils past that one song, which was “too pop” because that fans the the …Daredevils’ self-titled debut album.<10>

“Jackie Blue” would certainly prove come be rather of an albatross for the Daredevils, that felt pressured through A&M to cater to the song’s fans: (Mike Granda quote:)“As shortly as ‘Jackie Blue’ they want ‘Jackie Green’ and also ‘Jackie Brown"”.<11>(Larry Lee quote:) “They want a certain sound – they want an album full of ‘Jackie Blues."”<12> Although Granda maintains the tape “stuck come our guns”<11> both the …Daredevils’ 3rd and fourth albums: The auto Over the Lake Album (1975) and Men native Earth (1976), drew an important comment that the …Daredevils were patently courting further Top 40 success à la “Jackie Blue”.

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<13><14> – i beg your pardon would but remain their last Top 40 hit.<15>