Founding the the literature Club

The Literary society aka “TLC” is a literary society organization started by Roberta Gamble and Vanessa Stovall. TLC first met in 1995 in Detroit, Michigan, at society AJV, a 1940’s vintage restaurant in eastern Market.

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The meeting comprehensive organizing a women’s book club to boost reading and also discussion of relative topics. Key ingredients were having a mutual love that books, a commitment to analysis the books and attending the meetings.

The truth that Detroit’s public school system gets together a an adverse rap top top literacy, it is notable that our literary organization gained its start below in Detroit by african American females from assorted professions.

TLC has been a profitable experience since inception. The members have actually bonded and also maintained lasting friendships. The meetings are constantly lively and also engaging. The creative flair of every of the hosting teams sparkle ranging from dressing as book characters to offer delicious meals inspired by selected book titles and also settings.

It was no a simultaneous that having Our Say: The Delany Sisters’ an initial 100 Years to be a book selection. Us traveled to brand-new York to check out the Broadway music “Having our Say”and hosted our publication club meeting there, engaging in a weekend the fun and shopping together.

We additionally traveled to Atlanta for a weekend v TLC-Atlanta which contained a joint book club meeting and seeing the beat “Dream Girls” v Jennifer Holiday.

Other memorable occasions include travels come Chicago, Winston Salem, north Carolina to to visit the national Black theatre Festival and also to Martha’s Vineyard.

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The experiences and also memories proceed as new TLC Clubs expand around the globe.Since the original club that 24 women various other TLC book club chapters have created locally and also in various other states.

TLC original Members
Paulette BoggsJo Coleman
Beverly Cousin Valerie Crump
S. Hatcher Gena Edwards
Roberta gamble + Joyce Hart
Deirdre Henry Cecelia Kelly
Robin McFerrinDiana Mercer-Pryor
Glenda MinorEugenia Payne
Dianne Ramsey Melva Ross
Judy SimsJoan Smith
Dawn Spencer*Vanessa Stovall +
Jackie TaylorSylvia Turner-Hollifield
Loretta WatsonDeirdre Wolff
Founder +Deceased *

Nine clubs currently exist:

TLC (First Club-Detroit)TLC2 (Detroit)TLC3 (Detroit)TLC (Atlanta)TLC (Ohio)TLC (Mississippi)TLC (Florida)TLC (Indianapolis)TLC (Texas)