This is my favorite song that Roseanne Cash made. The tune was written by she dad Johnny Cash and also he released it in 1961 and it peaked in ~ #11 on the country Charts and also #84 in the Billboard 100.

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Rosanne released it in 1987 on she album King’s record Shop. The track peaked in ~ #1 in the Billboard country Charts. The very first time ns heard it I chosen it ideal away.

This is the only video clip I could find of them singing it together. It wasn’t professionally recorded. It was in 1989 after ~ the song was a hit for Rosanne… it to be videotaped at john & June’s residence to celebrate June’s latest book around Mother Mabel Carter.

In a small cabaretIn a south Texas border townSat a boy and his guitarAnd the people came from all aroundAnd every the girlsFrom over there to AustinWere slippin’ away from homeAnd puttin’ jewelry in hock to take the tripTo go and also listenTo the tiny dark-haired boy who played theTennessee flat top boxAnd he would play

Well the couldn’t journey or wrangleAnd he never cared to do a dimeBut offer him his guitarAnd he’d it is in happy every the timeAnd every the girlsFrom ripe to ninetyWere snappin’ fingersTappin’ toesAnd beggin’ him don’t stopAnd hypnotizedAnd fascinatedBy the small dark-haired boy who played theTennessee flat top boxAnd he would play

Then sooner or later he to be goneAnd no one ever before saw that ’roundHe vanished choose the breezeThey forgot that in the little townBut all the girlsStill dreamed about himAnd hung aroundThe cabaret till the doors were lockedAnd then one dayOn the hit paradeWas the tiny dark-haired boy who played theTennessee level top boxAnd he would play

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3 thoughts on “Rosanne Cash/ Johnny Cash – Tennessee flat TopBox”

January 16, 2020 in ~ 7:56 am

Rosanne’s version is ‘the’ one because that me. The instant duet is lovely. I’m glad you consisted of that.