The best method to describe this Michael Jackson classic is as it being centered on “Annie”, that is attacked by the “Smooth Criminal”. Who these individuals are specifically aren’t specified. But for the most part Annie is chilling within her apartment, and the “Smooth Criminal” comes in and ‘strikes she down’, drawing blood in process. In fact it seems the reason he is referred to as gift “smooth” is as result of his ability to sneak into her home undetected. And also the implicit is the he proceeds to attack her till she meets “her doom”.

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And the best method to describe Jackson’s function in the system of points is as a concerned citizen or perhaps personal associate of Annie’s. Thus he doesn’t narrate the tale merely by detailing the intrusion. Instead he screens a palpable worry for Annie’s welfare. Also the 2nd verse implies that there is an energetic search going for Annie’s attacker, i m sorry the singer is an extremely much vested in.


So conclusively, the subject of this tune is actually “Annie”, no the titular “Smooth Criminal”. And because that the many part, the narrator is expressing two sentiments. One is lamenting the truth that she to be a victim of a sly residence intruder that violently attacked her. And the 2nd is a solid concern for her well being.


Music Video

The highly-cinematic “Smooth Criminal” video was directed by Colin Chilvers, who actually devoted in distinct effects. And that was inspired by films such together “The tape Wagon” (1953) and “The Godfather” (1972).

It obtained three nominations (Best dance Video, finest Choreography in a video clip and best Cinematography in a Video) at the MTV video clip Music Awards in 1989 however didn’t victory any. However, it did regulate to success the adhering to coveted awards:

Brit award (Best Music Video)World Music Viewer an option AwardBPI award (Video that the Year)Critic’s selection Award (Best Video) People’s selection Award (Favorite Music Video)

It won every one of the above-mentioned awards in 1989.

“Anti-Gravity Lean”

The video clip is well known for special a dance move that MJ and also his homeys perform that has pertained to be recognized as the “anti-gravity lean”. This feat to be actually achieved using “cables and a harness”.

And as soon as they performed that on phase they used a special kind of shoe-and-floor design, i m sorry of course MJ had patented.

Video helped make “Moonwalker” a success

The music video clip also played a big role in Michael Jackson’s epos 1988 anthology movie entitled “Moonwalker”. In reality the total amount that time allotted to “Smooth Criminal” in the attribute is end 40-minutes lengthy (while the song itself is a little over 4 minutes), in enhancement to the visual featuring over 40 dancers.

Source the “Annie, are you okay?”

The catchiest heat in this song is the expression “Annie, space you okay?” Michael Jackson (1958-2009) actually picked this term increase while finding out CPR using a common dummy who is described as “Resusci Anne”.

Birth of “Smooth Criminal”

“Smooth Criminal” itself evolved from a tune entitled “Al Capone” which Michael Jackson recorded yet never released in his lifetime. In fact “Al Capone” no made accessible to the public until 2015, a significant amount of time ~ Jackson had passed away.

“Smooth Criminal” was such a Success

In 1990 the track won a BMI pop Award for “Most play Song”.

“Smooth Criminal” walk on to chart globally, reaching number one in Belgium, Iceland, the Netherlands and also Spain.

Moreover that peaked at number 7 top top the us Billboard warm 100. In the unified Kingdom, it got to an impressive number 8. This wasn’t all. “Smooth Criminal” likewise charted in rather a few other countries.

Additionally the track has actually been certified Double-Platinum in Michael Jackson’s landscape of the US.

“Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker”

One notable pop media presentation i m sorry “Smooth Criminal” was feared in is “Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker”, a memorable 1988 video game which featured the King of popular music himself.

Did Michael Jackson compose “Smooth Criminal”?

Yes, he did. “Smooth Criminal” to be written specifically by the multi-talented Michael Jackson.

And he likewise co-produced the track alongside the legend Quincy Jones.

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All the this linked contributes come “Smooth Criminal” being one of the more-recognizable song in Michael Jackson’s unrivaled repertoire. As such, the is well-known to have been one ever-present number top top the setlists that his solo tours.