Impatiens have actually bright and colorful blooms and can prosper in short light conditions. Their amazing bright colour and capability to grow in shady places makes lock look like colorful beacons that light among the dark.

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Impatiens are a resistant varieties and execute not call for much treatment to thrive. Additionally known as Busy Lizzie, they are popularly grown as annuals and houseplants because they are beautiful and so simple to grow.

However, troubles have the right to sometimes feather up, resulting in your Impatiens to wilt.

What causes Impatiens come Wilt?

There can be a range of reasons behind an dissatisfied Impatiens plant. The most common causes are too much heat and/or overwatering, which outcomes in source rot, i beg your pardon hinders the plant’s capability to absorb enough water. However, there can be fungus-related issues troubling your Impatiens, such as mildew, verticillium wilt. Pests such together nematodes or cutworms can also be the culprit.


Impatiens prefer the temperature between 65-70 levels Fahrenheit (18-21 levels Celsius). Temperatures highly above or listed below this range can cause the tree to die.

In summers, if Impatiens are exposed come too lot sun, they will certainly wilt and die practically instantly. Hence, the is crucial to administer them with a cool shady place and also keep the soil moist yet not too many wet.

2.Watering Issues

Plants display screen signs the unhappiness once they are offered too tiny or too much water. Giving too little water is not as lot of a difficulty as the latter. If her Impatiens is moist most of the time, just reduce the watering frequency, and also you’ll see immediate results.


On the contrary, if you feel that your Impatiens space really thirsty and the soil is dry to the bottom, you can rejuvenate the flowering perennial by providing it a an excellent soak.

If the Impatiens are potted, ar the pot right into a vast bucket filled with water 2-3 customs high. Allow the dry soil soak increase water indigenous the drainage hole and also remove the pot from the water after a few minutes.

Overwatering is a larger concern. Source rot as result of overwatering is the most common reason for all domestically grown tree to wilt and also eventually die.

When a tree is overwatered, the water it s okay trapped inside the soil depriving the root of oxygen. Fungi can take benefit of this humid and also oxygen-deprived conditions to infect the roots.

Root rot is usually simple to diagnose by experimenting the root device of a plant. If the soil shows up soggy and the roots space mushy and also soft, that’s it. Flowering plants such as Impatiens are nearly impossible to save from source rot.

So the finest course of action is to isolation the plant so the the fungus walk not spread out to other plants.


Impatiens are particularly susceptible to a fungal an illness called Downy Mildew. This fungal an illness is fairly easy to identify. However, over there isn’t lot we can do come treat it.

You might encounter fuzzy pale-brown, grayish-brown, or violet spots ~ above the lower leaf surface. This blotches can prolong to the tribe also. The fungal epidemic in its advanced state can result in yellow or brown spots end the leaves.

There isn’t much we have the right to do other than isolate the influenced plant immediately and also dispose the it. No fungicide works versus Downy Mildew. However, you deserve to still act the tree in the neighboring area as a preventative measure.

4.Verticillium Wilt

Verticillium wilt is also a fungal condition, although soil-based, that reasons Impatiens to wilt and also their pipeline to turn yellow. You can identify Verticillium it must be if you notice that the older expansion is being influenced the most.

Young development is remarkably resistant come this disease. Fresh growth can was standing green even if the rest of the plant has actually turned brown and also crispy.

If you identify this disease, eliminate the impacted plants and also dispose of them so that the fungus cannot spread. Just like Downy Mildew, there is no way to treat this fungal disease. Avoidance is the just option.

Plant your Impatiens in well-draining and also well-aerated soil and also water only as soon as the top few inches of the soil room dry.

5.Pest Problems

Impatiens are easy targets because that a range of pests such as spider mites, mealybugs, thrips, aphids, and nematodes.


Thrips usually assault the flowers of fresh expansion in Impatiens. They have the right to transmit other viruses that can cause the tree to wilt, have actually stunted growth, and an rarely often rare flower shape.

Unfortunately, again over there is no way to law the virus, and the influenced plant must be thrown away.


Root-knot nematodes are little worms the live in the soil and also eat far on plants’ roots. They grow in muddy soil and also aren’t in ~ all easy to control. The only way to check Nematode existence is come take the end the plants and inspect your roots.

If the root look unusual, choose a string of beads, you can be sure of Nematode presence. These tiny worms produce swellings ~ above the roots together they consume them, and also the plant above will start to wilt due to the fact that the roots room damaged.

Insecticides room not efficient on Nematodes, therefore the best way to resolve them is to no plant anything in a Nematode infested area because that one summer. This will deprive castle of roots to eat on, and they will certainly hopefully be exterminated.

Frequently asked Questions about what reasons Impatiens come Wilt

How to store my Impatiens fresh?

Impatiens favor temperature ~ above the cooler side and also a well-shaded ar to grow. If you can keep the soil repetitively moist and also well-aerated, your Impatiens will thrive.

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Can I usage neem oil to treat Impatiens pest problem?

Neem oil is always safe come use. Together it is an essential substance, you have the right to use it to treat young pest troubles like spider mites and aphids. Although the won’t work against Nematodes or Thrips virus, utilizing Neem oil is a good preventative measure.