If you're a fan of Grey's Anatomy, climate it's nearly inevitable that you loved watching the show's spinoff, Private Practice, indigenous 2007 till 2013. Return the collection has been off the wait for virtually seven years, you deserve to binge-watch every six seasons on Netflix. 

Rewatching the clinical drama has actually us thinking around all the lovely characters, particularly Naomi Bennett, that was play by Audra McDonald. But due to the fact that she left the present after Season 4, there space questions regarding why. Scroll down to uncover out!

Back in 2011, actress Audra McDonald, who played Naomi Bennett top top the show, revealed she'd it is in leaving the collection to spend much more time with family (her daughter Zoe was 10 year old at the time).

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 “I have spent four amazing years working with the finest cast and crew on tv at Private Practice,” she said TVLine.com. “Though ns am stepping away from the series as a continual in order come spend much more time in brand-new York v my family, ns am no closing the door ~ above Private Practice or the character, Naomi."

She also shared her love for the show's creator, Shonda Rhimes. "I am past grateful to Shonda Rhimes, ABC, and the team behind the show," she said.

And the feeling was mutual. “We space so appreciative the Audra and her talents and look forward to having her go back to Private Practice as frequently as possible," Shonda echoed. "Audra has actually been a bicoastal commuter transparent our four seasons top top the air, and, ultimately, us respect and also appreciate she desire to spend more time with family in brand-new York."

Naomi Bennett to be a fan-favorite character throughout her 4 seasons top top the show due to she bright personality. She play a fertility specialist and also a founding partner of Oceanside Wellness center in LA. Her ideal friend was Addison Montogomery (Kate Walsh), that was Dr. Derek. 


Shepherd's first wife in Grey's, and also her husband is the practice's internist, Sam (Taye Diggs). The two had actually a teenage daughter called Maya (Geffri Maya). Years after Naomi and also Sam divorced, lock remarried and also she got pregnant again.

We started to view Naomi's character decrease after she teenage daughter, Maya, obtained pregnant. Quickly after the drama of even if it is or no she'd obtain an abortion, she has an debate with Addison, Sam, and also Fife (her boyfriend) and also says she no much longer wants come be component of the practice. 

She likewise dumps Fife. But when she decides to take her nephew Betsey, that is in foster care, residence forever, Fife proposes come her and also the three decide to move to brand-new York to live typical lives. 

Audra starred in Private Practice alongside Kate Walsh (Addison Montgomery), Tim Daly (Pete Wilder), Paul Adelstein (Cooper Freedman), KaDee Strickland (Charlotte King), chris Lowell (William "Dell" Parker), Taye Diggs (Sam Bennett), Amy Brenneman (Violet Turner), Brian Benben (Sheldon Wallace), and also Caterina Scorsone (Amelia Shepherd), who is currently on Grey's Anatomy as a main character.

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Last fall, several of the series' actors members, consisting of Kate, Amy, KaDee, and also Paul, reunited on Instagram, prompting pan to encourage them come execute a resurgence of the show. Return Grey's has live on, there hasn't been any type of talk the Private Practice return to the small screen.

Since Naomi showed up in the collection finale, we have a feeling she'd carry out a resurgence as well. Here's hoping alphabet orders a reboot really soon, since we'd love to see Naomi and also the rest of the gang back in action! 

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