In harry Potter and the Goblet that Fire

, book 4 that the HP series by J.K. Rowling, harry Potter was made/forced/obliged/required to take part in the Triwizard Tournament since his name come out of the Goblet of Fire. This wouldn’t be a difficulty if take care of actually want to compete and if he’d in reality been the one to placed his name inside the cup.

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However, Potter didn’t do anything choose that at all. He stated he didn’t want to be a part of the competition and also he didn’t put his surname in the goblet. Therefore why does that still have to compete then? Isn’t the not just unfair but additionally wrong?

Melanie Murphy Myer (&MelanieMurphyMyer):

I’m pretty sure it was talked about in the publication a wee bit. Anyway, that’s just how life is - unfair. Stuff happens to us that we didn’t pick or “sign up for.” That’s one of the reasons my kids and also I love HP so lot - It’s an extremely realistic (ironically, due to the fact that it’s fantasy).

Goblet that Fire = not just unfair but also illogical?

Freya Yuki:

Oh, I’m not certain I recall the part. Yet then again, the Goblet that Fire itself just showed up because that a few pages in ~ most. Yes, ns agree that life deserve to be unfair at time or also a the majority of the time and, sometimes, things just happen also if us wish lock didn’t.

Books that tell of things prefer that room certainly an ext realistic and also believable. The HP series does have elements like that but I wonder if this instance concerning the goblet was yes, really all the believable?

Sure, it’s unfair because that Harry yet what happened itself didn’t really do sense, walk it? HP’s name came out that the cup yet he had nothing to carry out with that and he had actually no plans of participating in the tournament and yet that still had to.

Does that sound logical? over there was supposed to be a binding contract, ~ all, so, shouldn’t contract involve the consent and also agreement the the one who’s gift bound come it?

Does that mean that if the fake Moody or some various other student (who isn’t underage and can thus get past the age line) put numerous other people’s surname in the cup and if those people’s names came out of the goblet, will they be made to compete as well?

Sometimes, life can be yes, really unfair

Melanie Murphy Myer (&MelanieMurphyMyer):

We have to go through things we didn’t agree come in life. My daughter didn’t want to live her whole life v cystic fibrosis, but she had to anyway. I didn’t agree to or deserve to have actually my daughter dice at period 25, yet she go anyway. Ns did NOT placed my name in that goblet, that’s because that sure!

Magical binding contract

Freya Yuki:

Sorry to hear about your daughter. Yes, ns agree that there are numerous things in life that may be unfair or the we have to resolve even if we don’t want to, things that we didn’t sign up for yet we still need to do anyway. However, the doesn’t it seems ~ plausible to liken or to compare the Goblet of Fire to these type of things, is it?

Yes, HP didn’t placed his surname in the goblet and also he didn’t want to compete and yet he still had actually to anyway. The trouble here isn’t just that it’s unfair, it’s additionally the fact that this is supposed to be a binding contract and also how it provides one wonder if over there is yes, really nothing that deserve to be done to get out that this claimed contract. How have the right to this be a binding contract if HP never agreed to it in the first place?

What if her name was forged top top a contract?

Freya Yuki:

I think this deserve to be likened come if who forges her name and makes usage of the to authorize a contract of some sort. If something prefer that happens, surely, friend can’t be made to honor the contract due to the fact that you didn’t consent to it and you didn’t sign it and also someone just forged your name there.

If you’re still obliged or made come honor that contract, then the would absolutely be unfair and that wouldn’t make feeling either because, why have to you it is in bound to a contract friend did not sign, girlfriend did no consent to, you did not agree to and also that girlfriend didn’t also know to be being signed in her name by who you may not even know?

Why walk Harry Potter have actually to compete in the Triwizard tournament if that didn’t placed his surname in the Goblet of Fire?

Freya Yuki:

Isn’t that kind of what occurred with Harry? Shouldn’t that average then the he must never have been obliged to contend in the tournament since he never had any type of intention the doing for this reason in the an initial place?

In the Wizarding World, if it was this basic for human being to just forge someone else’s surname on a contract and also make them do everything they want and that human will be obliged to perform so even if it is they want to or not and also there’s merely no method out of the no issue what, climate how can that it is in logical or reality or believable?

Aren’t these the type of points that we take into consideration unfair however that we have the right to actually perform something about? because that example, we can try suing everyone forged our name and we have the right to have the contract claimed as invalid, etc.

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Couldn’t Harry do something favor that due to the fact that he never consented to it is in a component of the tournament? How can the contract it is in made precious anyway there is no his consent and when it was almost like his surname was forged (since the wasn’t the one to put his surname inside the cup)?


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