Michael Jackson’s format was iconic, whether it to be his red thriller coat or the white ointment on his fingers. One of these items to be an armband, which has actually surprised many fans. It turns out, MJ has actually a basic explanation for few of the most well known clothing.

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Why walk Michael Jackson wear an armband?

Michael Jackson, recognized for his fashion sense and music, was additionally involved in a lot of philanthropic endeavors.

One of these was his heal the world Foundation, a charity that Michael established in 1992.

Dan named the renowned song the the exact same name to help children around the world.

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In enhancement to earning money, inviting young children to play at the theme park, Neverland, Michael focused on charity in another way: the armband.

Michael’s above armband was to attract attention to children’s suffering roughly the world.

The charity quit functioning in 2002, a few years prior to Michael’s fatality in 2009.

It was no the only iconic item of apparel worn by Michael, as he likewise regularly wore bright, white or sparkly socks that appeared above his shoes.

With this, he wore white ointment in ~ the tips of his fingers, and there is a theory as to how these items link.

According to Michael Bairden, who worked with MJ on This Is Tour, the tape had critical purpose ~ above stage, noting that Michael was performing come a big number that people.

Wearing white socks and white ice cream on his fingers, his dance moves were more visible to fans on the back, as the white color caught the light so fans can see what he to be doing.

Others said the enhancement of these items the clothing, regardless of the theory that ice cream had another meaning: extending your vitiligo.

Not what

One the Michael’s most iconic items is the solitary glove, which was often sparkly.

This gloves is described, and also white ice cream was offered on Michael’s fingers to readjust the skin ton on his hands.

His former bodyguard Matt Fides, close to Michael, suggests a fully different reason for all of these items.

His previous snucongo.org bodyguard has declared that he had tapes ~ above his hand to lug to media attention.

Matt called Metro: “He knew how to manipulate the media. That knew how to gain the front pages.

He said, “As soon as he provided to pertained to the conference .

“It worked 90 percent that the time, placing a mask on his face, or sticky tape on his hand – or ice cream on his nose was the favorite.

“He claims that he wanted his life to be the biggest secret on earth.

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“It’s behind the now, though. It’s sad.”

While there might be many reasons for some of these items come occur, Michael’s armband was, in ~ least, a clear message to send come his fans.

April 17, 2021
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