History >> ancient GreeceThe Persian wars were a series of battles fought in between the Persians and also the Greeks native 492 BC to 449 BC.

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Who to be the Persians?The Persian realm was the largest and also most an effective empire in the people at the moment of the Persian Wars. They regulated land that extended from Egypt all the way to India.
Map the the Persian realm by UnknownClick map to see bigger version
Who were the Greeks?The Greeks were made up of a variety of city-states such together Sparta and Athens. Commonly these city-states battled each other, but they united to fight against the Persians.IoniansThe Ionians to be Greeks that lived along the coastline of Turkey. They were dominated by the Persians. As soon as the Ionians decided to revolt they request Athens and also other Greek urban for help. The various other Greek cities sent out ships and also weapons, but were easily defeated. The Persians didn"t choose this and also decided to dominate the rest of the Greek urban in bespeak to keep them under control.
First invasion of GreeceDarius I, King the Persia, made decision he want to conquer the Greeks in 490 BC. The gathered a huge army the soldiers that outnumbered any army the Greeks could muster. They boarded the Persian fleet and headed come Greece.Battle the MarathonThe Persian fleet landing at the just of Marathon, around 25 mile from the city that Athens. The Persians had actually a lot more soldiers, however they underestimate the fighting capability of the Greeks. The army of Athens routed the Persian army killing about 6,000 Persians and only losing 192 Greeks.After the battle, the Athenian military ran the 25 miles ago to Athens in bespeak to prevent the Persians from attacking the city. This is the beginning of the Marathon to run race.Second intrusion of GreeceTen years later, in 480 BC, the son of Darius I, King Xerxes, determined to acquire his revenge top top the Greeks. The amassed a large army of over 200,000 soldiers and also 1,000 warships.Battle the ThermopylaeThe Greeks placed together a little force, led through the Spartan King Leonidas I and also 300 Spartans. They decided to meet the Persians at a narrow pass in the mountains dubbed Thermopylae. The Greeks organized off the Persians death thousands, till the Persians uncovered a means around the mountains and also got behind the Greeks. King Leonidas told many of his troops to flee, however stayed behind through a tiny force consisting of his 300 Spartans in order to enable the rest of the Greek army to escape. The Spartans combated to the death, killing as countless Persians together they could.Battle that SalamisThe Persian army continued come march ~ above Greece. As soon as they arrived at the city the Athens, they uncovered it deserted. The human being of Athens had fled. The Athenian fleet, however, was waiting off the coast by the island of Salamis.The much larger Persian fleet assaulted the little Athenian ships. Lock were certain of victory. However, the Athenian ships, called triremes, to be fast and maneuverable. They rammed into the political parties of the huge Persian ships and also sunk them. Castle soundly beat the Persians resulting in Xerxes to retreat earlier to Persia.

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Map the the battle of Salamis from the US military AcademyClick map to see bigger version
Interesting Facts around the Persian WarsAfter the an initial invasion, the Athenians accumulated a mighty fleet the ships referred to as triremes.The Persian empire would eventually be dominated by the Greeks under the management of Alexander the Great.The movie 300 is about the Spartans who dealt with at Thermopylae. The gateways of Fire by Steven Pressfield is a famed book around the battle of Thermopylae.Xerxes, king that Persia, had actually his golden throne brought along therefore he could watch the Greeks be beat by his military from a surrounding hillside. He must have actually been quite disappointed!
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