Why Did quiet Actot Jump" out Of a home window In Tirngg ~quatQt? uncover each price in the collection of answers under the exercise. Write the practice letter in the box. Find each prObability~"f ") u rotate both spinners. 5"i~I";5 1 T. P 2./1" 1ff,:; ,~ A. P (red. Then Jfcllgw) J.1L~ 1.../1 • 3/"iS ;: W. P(green, o 125 1 -. 8 " 1 15 75 8 r 0 " "1 15 ns .~~\"l./5& P(A, then N)~ , G ~o 1"6 M. Mean the probability the a brand-new spark plug is defective is 2~" and suppose friend buy two brand-new spark plugs because that a motorcycle. What is the probability the both of them room defective? jh~·"1L"f-:.-~1/57&" ~/£f • then green) ?/~: "2...,".:;.= 7 18 - Probability: live independence 1 435 ~ 3 56 .r; and Dependent fJ en) 1?/i/5 -, (l, "17. ~ -I-;l i q. ~ ::rt -I~ H. TWostudents are preferred at random from a class of 30. What is the probability that -:; "z=-q both you and your best friend are chosen? Q~r~l"A , D. P(not red, then no red) <9J "6 yellow) ""/~::.C11J T. Ns (green. Climate nr Lj/~. .:i .. ~ ::. Ql Solve. 9 N. P(yellow, th~not I::. .. -1"", T. P(striped, less~"5), eve~ ..l."~. e "Z- /)ilimf rai today? 57/IQ2.=- ."Lei/ 30%, 13. Twila Zone request students chool t 0 name th err . Lavon c. Ite ra dl10 son. Tali Th e ult g" . Th t bl B d res s space rven ill e a e. Ase ~ above thoIS da ta ,w h a t IS i th e prob abtlity th in ~ a -r - 11. 1 2 college student selected at random would certainly name: I- lost Lake over the last week. Based upon this data, what is the probability the the next fish captured will be: a. A trout?:;·z../~o=-_.4 40% i5/~6-=- 15 .. 11. The circle graph reflects the fish captured in c, ! l l A In exercises 9-14, refer probabilities 9. Whazup Toyz inspected 200 toy robots for defects. There were 16 robots through defects. What is the probability the a robot selected at arbitrarily has: a. A defect? b. No d ct 1(./ -! :=":JIQl ~ ·~D.):::f~ s l/q a. The bUllrer.ef h. A white square? "/1"11>0: 7..0 - 1/3" \"60 8. Karina tosse

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Why Did quiet Actot Jump" out Of a home window In Tirngg ~quatQt? uncover each prize in the collection of answers under the exercise.

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