You certainly noticed the Theravada monks in southeast Asia stay those emblematic saffron orange robes, here’s why.

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Two monks in a temple – credit transaction Evan Krause ~ above Unsplash

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Two monks in a temple – credit Evan Krause top top UnsplashThis is simply as result of the start of this heritage going ago 25 century ago, to the moment of the historical Buddha. Robes were patched with each other from undesirable clothes: rags that were then trimmed and washed. The towel was then dyed by gift boiled with what was accessible at the time: tubers, bark, flowers, leaves, and spices such together turmeric or saffron, which gave it its particular color.

The shade can vary depending upon the dye used, coming from different roots or trees. Today, more and much more robes and dyed through chemicals, which gives it this brighter orange (especially in Bangkok).

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This is various from the rarely ordained Theravada women that wear muted colors prefer pink or white, and also the Tibetan monks stay brown robes.

The robes themselves space symbolizing simplicity and also detachment the materialism, together with other rules of living, such as shaving their heads. It’s that simple!

Monks in southeast Asia – credit transaction Pixabay

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