Why women Play Football

One of the first questions people ask as soon as they hear about the D.C. Divas is, “Why would women want to beat full-contact football?” below are five reasons ladies love play this good sport!

1) Football is an American Sport: If baseball is America’s national pastime, football is America’s national obsession. The NFL and significant college football space two of the most renowned sports leagues in the united States. Football is a terrific, uniquely American sports that challenges athletes physically and mentally. After playing football successfully, countless athletes case that everything else in life appears easy through comparison. That an obstacle is what draws so many human being – men and also women alike – come the great sport of football.

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“Football is like life. It calls for perseverance, self-denial, tough work, sacrifice, dedication, and also respect for authority.”– Vince Lombardi, agree Football hall of reputation coach

2) Football is a Team Sport: Many women have actually athletic success in separation, personal, instance sports, however athletes who have played team sports will phone call you the there’s naught quite prefer being component of a team! Women’s football offers athletes a chance to be component of something bigger than themselves and also to play together other great female athletes.

Women’s football players build lifelong friendships, not only with their teammates, however often with their adversaries as well! Women’s football is a distinctive sisterhood, a huge family of ladies who assistance each other. The relations made between women’s soccer players room bonds that regularly last a lifetime.

3) Football is a physical Sport: One the the main pertains to recruits have about playing soccer is the threat of getting hurt or injured. Moreover, there have been major news stories recently about some NFL and significant college soccer players, mostly from the 1970s and ‘80s, who are suffering native health concerns due to repeated concussions they sustained during their careers. The seriousness of their stories cannot and also should no be minimized or trivialized.

With the said, women’s football and also men’s football differ in a couple of respects. Since most ladies don’t have actually the same size and also speed together NFL and also elite men’s college players, the long-term injury implications of men’s football and also women’s football cannot be compared. This does not mean that such injuries cannot or will certainly never occur in modern-day women’s football, yet the days of players gift rushed earlier onto the field after suffering multiple concussions is, thankfully, in the past.

Make no mistake…football is a physics sport. Athletes in women’s football take the video game seriously and also often provide punishing, ache hits. Take it ligaments, sprains, and even concussions execute happen. However, if an athlete is coached to utilize proper tackling techniques, she can drastically reduce she injury risk. In addition, the improvements in modern football equipment and the increased attention currently being payment to concussions and its impacts have dramatically improved the safety of the sport. Too numerous women allow the stories they hear around injuries to elite men’s football player cloud your perception the football and keep them native participating in a truly profitable and empowering sport.

When those fear are placed aside, many women realize the the ability to hit is just one of the greatest things around football! Football is among the few sports that enables athletes to let the end their aggression and adopt physical play there is no fouling the end or being disqualified. Many women find that the sirloin of play full-contact football is addictive and eventually pertained to welcome the rugged nature that the sport.

4) Football is a vain Sport: The passage of title IX in 1972 vastly broadened athletic methods for females in high school and college. More women room playing sports in high school and college than ever before. Sadly, after ~ college, many women space in their athletic primes but have no post-collegiate opportunity to proceed their strong careers.

Football provides women a possibility to complete on a nationwide stage after ~ college. Women’s football is a nationwide sport, v dozens and also dozens of groups in cities all throughout the joined States. It offers a distinct opportunity because that female athletes to continue completing at an upstream level, even after your college careers room over.

5) Football is a Women’s Sport: Why have to you play women’s football? simply put…because you can! Football to be closed turn off to females for decades, because it to be historically considered a “man’s game.” even today, the stereotype of shortcut football solely with males persists, regardless of having been shattered in practically every other sport, even physical sports choose hockey, boxing, and also mixed martial arts.

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Today’s women’s football players are pioneers, taking advantage of an chance to pat football that was refuse to numerous women before them. They present the civilization that something is feasible and that women can do absolutely noþeles they set their minds to. Women’s soccer players offer as function models in your community, setting an example for young girl to look up to when they pursue their own dreams.

“Do you know what mine favorite component of the game is? The opportunity to play.”– Mike Singletary, agree Football hall of call linebacker