The food chain is the stimulate in i beg your pardon animals and plants eat each other in order come survive. Every living creature needs to eat various other creatures below it. Every ecosystem has a different food chain, depending on which animals and also plants live there.

The lowest component of the food chain room the plants. Castle are dubbed producers since they produce their own food utilizing the sunlight"s energy. This procedure is dubbed photosynthesis. Pets are the consumers the the food chain. Castle eat various other plants and animals.

Some pets only eat plants. Among this group of herbivores room rabbits, mice and also cows. Carnivores are animals that eat other animals, choose wolves, two foxes or lions. Each food chain has a predator, the strongest animal that is not eaten by others. Hawks or polar bears are such predators the dominate their habitats.

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common food chain

Many creatures belonging to much more than one food chain. Grass, because that example, is consumed by countless other animals as well as insects. Food chains that room connected come each other are called food webs.

When an animal dies that is eaten up through worms, bacteria and also other organisms. These so-called decomposers malfunction animals and also plants into tiny parts and also enrich soil therefore that various other plants can thrive better. The nutrients that dead animals and also plants are converted back to the floor so that plants deserve to use castle again.

The balance the plants and also animals within a food chain is determined by nature. Because that example, if there space too many zebras in a tropical habitat plenty of of them will certainly die since they cannot get enough food to feeding on. This also way that over there is less food for predators, choose lions, to eat. And when there space fewer lions the zebra population will flourish again.


just how plants and also animals are connected in a food chain

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bacteria = very little living things, some of which cause illness and condition balance = equal quantities of miscellaneous carnivore = animal that eat the meat the other pets connect = attach consumer = user convert = readjust creature = something life decompose = to malfunction into numerous very tiny parts depend on = impacted by other things determine = decision dominate = regulate ecosystem = animal and plants that live in a details area and also how castle exist in their atmosphere enrich = come make much better habitat = living area hawk = large bird that hunts and eats other, smaller birds herbivore = pet that just eats plants nutrient = chemical or food that offers plants and animals what they require to grow organism = animal, plant, person or any other living thing photosynthesis = when green plants turn sunlight into energy predator = pet that kills and eats all other pets in a region soil = the height layer the earth; on which tree can flourish survive = come live top top