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i love seashells. Shells have actually a means of talking to us, don’t they? lock make us feel deeply linked to the huge sea and also pull us towards it. This PONDEROUS ARK covering washed up at my feet through a heart sculpted in it. Awwwwe, so sweet! i love friend too! however hmmmm… various other than being an oh-so-sweet blog post from King Neptune, just how did this happen?

We see organic holes drilled in all sorts that shells, so it’s time to uncover out just how they room made. The feet in this SHARKS EYE tells me a little an enig of what taken place to that is life. The clue? It has actually a perfect countersunk borehole through a beveled edge twice the diameter together the inside diameter. Because of the form of that hole, you can bet that he was consumed by one more SHARKS EYE! OMG They are cannibals!

We have to guess what occurred to this next guy since it looks choose a other predator SHARKS EYE started carving increase his next meal however stopped before he tasted victory.

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By looking at the feet in this disc DOSINIA, I’m going come assume that a SHARKS EYE do a meal the end of this guy too.

Geez, SHARKS EYES have actually a smorgasbord of selections for your buffet. Looks as though they choose BUTTERCUP LUCINES too.

A directly hole with only a slim beveled edge favor this LADY-IN-WAITING VENUS seashells …

…was most likely drilled by some type of MUREX… like GULF OYSTER DRILLS. Aha! That’s why they are called “DRILLS”!

The grooves in these CROSS barred VENUS CLAMS and TRANSVERSE ARK aren’t the handiwork of the SHARKS EYE or DRILLS. These grooves were most likely made through a BRISTLE WORM. It supplies a rasping method with the bristled human body while secreting acid to etch a groove in the shell to do a quite cozy ar to rest.

If you have never seen a BRISTLE WORM, click the video to clock the an initial time Clark and also I came throughout a BRISTLE WORM…. And then come back to see what cute tokens lock make.

Last May, Lisa from Shellabaloo 2 was having a good time sifting through shells at remote Pass Captiva and found a few messages top top shells she shared…

After Shellabaloo, she sent me this sweet CROSS-BARRED VENUS covering with a smiley confront on it (made by a BRISTLE WORM). I store it by my desk!

She likewise found a “K” top top a cross BARRED VENUS…

Lisa to be so thoughtful, she gave it to an additional Shellabaloo-er… Kendra. K because that Kendra!

So let’s get ago to that heart I obtained from King Neptune … these bigger holes most likely were drilled through a STIMPSON CHIMNEY CLAM. Oh, What? You’ve never ever heard of a STIMPSON CHIMNEY shell before? LOL Well, neither had actually I before I gained so curious around what made that heart shape and found out that two different drilled incidences by this clams room the most most likely culprit. Once I find a STIMPSON CHIMNEY CLAM, you will certainly be the very first one to know around it and also I will article a photo. I currently have one appreciation for them because they are rather the artists!

I just assumed that a shell with lots of little holes in prefer this was just from continuous wear and rear by the salt and wave action… like once you wash and wear your favorite shirts too numerous times. One day, you’ll start to watch holes in it! yet some times shells that look like this tend to it is in “holey” since BORING SPONGES have invaded it together a living space.

I’ve always been attracted to shells that have actually holes because that stringing them because that crafts….

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For gift tags

And I constantly love to watch someone string them for jewelry…

I would have actually never well-known where to start finding details on these cool holes in shells if Lisa native Shellabaloo 5 (OMG I simply realized… both Lisas from various Shellabaloos are fascinated with holes in shells too! Ha! They need to understand each other, wouldn’t girlfriend say?) anyway… ns wouldn’t have actually known there to be such a term together “Shell Bioerosion” and such if she hadn’t presented me whereby it remained in this publication Living Beaches the Georgia and the Carolinas .


There’s every kinds of funny to be had actually in experimenting the typical shells if girlfriend just offer them a chance. Castle may also tell you a secret!